Sucker for a smile…

Sucker for a smile…

20101226 Vacuum Cleaner 225x300 Sucker for a smile...You know those Henry vacuum cleaners with faces on? They are an iconic design and a whole family of vacs exists in that range. Not only are they iconic, they are kind of cute. I wonder what inspired the designer to draw a face on it… I visited my parents over Christmas and spotted an accidentatal face in their vacuum cleaner. That’s the second vac I’ve seen with a face on, the other one being my good friend Vic. Makes me wonder if there is a trend here. Maybe designers are hiding faces in their vacuum cleaners in a nod to Henry, in an attempt to subliminally persuade the public that their vacuum cleaner is just as cute. Let’s face it, I’m a sucker for a smile. Ha! Sucker! See what I did there? [cue: tumbleweed]

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