A real hot-head

A real hot-head

20110116 Spicy Vegetable Samosa 300x225 A real hot head

I was at an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant the other night and having grabbed myself some greasy nibbles as a starter, I saw a vegetable samosa staring back at me.  “Eat me! Eat me,” it cried.  My usual practice is not to gorge on greasy bread-crumb coated finger food, as it is bad value for money: it fills you up too quickly.  The other top tip is to minimise on starchy foods, such as potatoes and rice and eat more of the stir-fry dishes.  Of course, I’m not a dietician (one of my friends is though and happened to be there too) and I speak solely from the point of view of perceived value for money! 🙂

This samosa was particularly spicy and looked like body-less head:  a real hot-head.  It reminded me of one of my primary school teachers, who once told me about  her peculiar way of eating jelly babies: she would bite the heads off first so they couldn’t cry.  Now that’s sick.  What does one do in the case of the samosa that has no body?  Stick a fork in it!

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