Boots are made for walking…

Boots are made for walking…

20101231 Rock Band Drum Pedal 225x300 Boots are made for walking...Have you ever played Rock Band on one of those games consoles?  A couple of my friends are really into it and have played such games ever since the first Guitar Hero came out.  It’s good fun now and again, at parties or when there’s a small (or large) group of people.  On New Year’s Eve I found myself playing again and ended up playing virtual drums.  So, what do you call a drummer who…  You know, I’ve never really “got” drummer jokes.  I find drum kits fascinating and admire the hand-eye co-ordination and physical endurance required to play.  You have to be pretty physically fit to play properly, according to a BBC News article I read some time ago.

As I looked down at my feet, I noticed an angry face looking back at me: it was the bass drum pedal.  I’d be annoyed too if I constantly had to endure people stamping on my face!  Do unto others, yadda yadda…  One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you…

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