Random order

Random order

20110126 Random order 150x150 Random orderOh yes, it’s time for another update…  I invite you to look at the picture on the left.  Look closely and what do you see?  Why, apart from the empty can of lychee juice (I do like lychees), the kitchen roll and a plant, there’s a Four Lions DVD in the top left-hand corner.  Trust me, there is!  People who know me personally will tell you I don’t really “do” films, especially on DVD and I tend to go to the cinema for the experience more than anything.  I’m more of a music man and like a variety of genres including 90s guitar bands and jazz… I did enjoy Four Lions enough to buy it on DVD, though.  If you like Chris Morris, this is right up your street!   But I digress; We all know this photograph has nothing to do with music, DVDs or indeed kitchen roll.  What you are looking at is the aftermath of a dinner party I had at my flat some time ago.  Look closely and you may see a face lurking in there.  The two candles forming eyes stand out because the wick of the candle on the left broke off, meaning I couldn’t light it.  The smiling mouth is formed by a piece of wire casually tossed onto the coffee table.  In a way this is a metaphor for life and our very existence.  If you consider the probability of your parents meeting and their parents meeting and their parents meeting and… ouch, my head hurts.  Continue that all the way to the start of the universe and the chance of you sitting here reading this, looking at this picture are incredibly small.  Now consider the probability of leftovers from a party creating order out of randomness and smiling back at you!  Impossible?  Improbable… probably.  When I was at school my maths teacher used to ask whether there was such a thing as “a random order”.  Who knows, but this is order out of randomness… or simply a vivid imagination.

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