Go-go-gadget remote control!

Go-go-gadget remote control!

20110217 Remote control happy face 150x150 Go go gadget remote control!I need a new compact camera because the one on my phone is pretty useless and produces grainy images.  I don’t blame it – it’s a phone and “smart” though it may be, it’s not designed to be a camera, unlike my D-SLR, which obviously is.  If I had two of them and tied a piece of string around both, they might work as a primitive phone, rather like baked bean cans.  But it would be rubbish.

Gadgets can come in handy: I have been caught out battery-less with a proper camera on site and have had to rely on my smart phone.  But sometimes they try to cram too many features into things.  I once read that on average, people only use 25% of a gadget’s features and 42.9% of statistics are made up. (Ah, that old chestnut…)  Seriously though, the trouble with having all gadgets combined into one is that you inevitably suffer a loss in quality.  A 10-in-one super-gadget can never be as good as 10 devices individually.  What if you took 10 devices and stuck them together?  You’d have a very expensive, very heavy lump of metal and plastic… enough said.

Photography is one of my hobbies and I own a D-SLR, but SLRs can be a bit unwieldy and conspicuous – especially for snapshots to be published on the internet.  For example, I was on the train home earlier and a lady had a trolley suitcase, which she put up on the empty seat next to her.  Suddenly I saw a beautiful face.  And there was one on the bottom of the suitcase as well… [tumbleweed]  Situations like these lend themselves to a bit more subtlety, something a bit less obvious than an SLR, but still capable of capturing high quality images: a compact camera.  In retrospect, I could have just asked her for permission to photograph it; it might have been a good ice breaker… 😉

A few years ago my brother kindly gave me a £50 voucher for a well-known highstreet camera retailer. (Jess.. [cough-cough]…ps – That’ll be £100 off my next purchase, please…)  The problem with these highstreet retailers is that the price tag is probably £50 higher than on the internet so you’re no better off.  How these shops survive is a mystery to me.  The only good use I have found for them is to “try” before you buy (but not from them).  You get to feel the build quality, weight and ergonomics before you buy online.

On the subject of electronics, the object in the picture is a remote control.  It was taken at my friend’s house.  It has a nice smile.  Its siblings were torn up by a wild dog… or abducted by aliens – I forget…

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