Welcome aboard the train of thought

Welcome aboard the train of thought

20110210 Unhappy Refuse Compactor 150x150 Welcome aboard the train of thoughtIt’s been a fairly long time since I last posted.  Apologies, I’ve been very busy at work and in my private life.  Busy is always a poor excuse people use when they can’t be bothered and I have to confess that I am guilty of it myself from time to time, though not on this occasion.  Have I really been too busy to post an update?  Have I really been too busy to reply to that email that I flagged last week?  Was she really too busy to reply to my text back in November?

When it comes to writing, emailing and texting I have different philosophies.  To me a text is an instantaneous thing: if I wanted a reply in three days I would have sent a letter.  Email is slightly less urgent, unless I am at work, where I am running projects worth several million pounds and if I don’t reply, no-one else will.  With social catch-up emails from friends my philosophy tends to be that I like to write something meaningful.  I might take a few days to reply, but it is not that I have been too busy – merely that I have been too busy to write something meaningful.  No-one is too busy to spare two minutes.  With report writing and blog posts I find I have to be “in the zone”, so to speak.  If you read my posts, they tend to be like word association: it is a simple photograph that sets the metaphorical train of thought in motion and I rarely know where I am going to end up and when.  A bit like real trains in this country then! :p  The point is, I can’t just knock something out in two minutes…

Enough waffle (mmm waffles…), what do you see?  I see a refuse compactor that I photographed at an undisclosed location the other day.  Look closely and it is unhappy about something.  Maybe the weight of the world has got her down. (Yes, I thought I’d arbitrarily assign a female gender to this face – equal opportunities and all that!)  Maybe she’s waiting for a text message that will never come…  Ha!  Maybe her head is so full of rubbish – junk thoughts – that she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going.  I can tell you now she’ll be moving somewhere else soon! 😉

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