Poker face poetry corner

Poker face poetry corner

20110202 Poker chip set face 150x150 Poker face poetry cornerOnce a week I play poker with some friends but sadly it’s not on this week.  We either play at my friend’s house or at mine and usually play Texas Hold ’em but have, on occasion, played other varieties and indeed other games entirely.  Last week one friend brought his new set of chips, which came in a nice shiny case.  Very posh, they were.  (That’s a bit of Yoda speak for you – on a Wednesday, as well…)  They were fairly weighty, which made tossing the chips onto the table more fun and satisfying.

Poker is an interesting game and it’s all about the poker face.  A good hand helps, too.  Last week I had three good hands but each time everyone folded early so I was unable to “milk” them.  That despite controlling my emotions – or so I thought.  Perhaps my poker face isn’t that good.  There was one that was.  Look at the picture, look at the case: one true poker face.

P.S. I didn’t intend for that to rhyme but that could be a new feature!  If you want to pick one of my face pictures and write me a limerick, drop me a line! 🙂

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