Busy bee…

Busy bee…

Multi coloured smiling bins 150x150 Busy bee...Hello!  Just a quick note to say I’m incredibly busy at the moment but should have time to write another proper article over the weekend and then normal service should resume!

Busy busy busy, stress stress stress…  This picture was submitted by a reader by the name of Lucy.  She tells me she read the article about the pink bin and came across a whole family of them in a shop.  She apparently made the effort to line them all up with their faces pointing towards the camera.  Now that’s dedication.

I sometimes read horoscopes for fun – mainly in abandoned free newspapers on the train.  They are entertaining and contradictory from one astrologer to the next, but according to one I read today my healing colours are pink and green… whatever that means.  If you have a picture you’d like to send me, please do!  It would be nice to get some more interactivity going.

I wish you all a good few days and hope to see you soon.  In the meantime, please check through some of my older articles or join me on Facebook!

Vic Suckerbag

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