Unidentified Bar Snack

Unidentified Bar Snack

20121024 Unidentified bar snack face 150x150 Unidentified Bar SnackAnna sent the man this photograph with words along the lines of, “I saw this ugly piece of crap and it reminded me of your face”.  Actually it was, “I saw this and thought of you,” but I think my version sounds better; the man is a filthy pig, not to mention ugly.  But then all humans are ugly and I much prefer cats.

Anyway, further clarification was given, “Found on a pub table. Unidentified bar snack”.  It sounds like the perfect food for Vaxians.  That’s what  most of my food is: discarded unidentified bits of human food seasoned with skin flakes and fluff.  I love Earth food.  That’s one of the reasons I stay here.  Also, human stupidity makes me feel superior.

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