I’m Bad, I’m Bad

I’m Bad, I’m Bad

20130529 Banana man face 150x150 Im Bad, Im BadI’m bad and I know it.  But this isn’t about me (for once).  Jen sent in another picture; this time of a banana.  She wrote:

“Here’s a quickie – a banana gone bad. Was peeling it when I noticed a ‘bad bit’ in it. There was just no way I could eat it – it was so bad it scared me.”

I love bananas; particularly the stringy bits that fall on the floor that the man simply can’t be bothered to pick up.  As soon as I spot one it’s mine.  Actually, I have never had a whole banana.  After having seen this picture, I’m not sure I ever will.

Very good picture, Jen!  Keep ’em coming!


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