The Scream

The Scream

20130507 Recaro car seat scream face 150x150 The ScreamI have to confess I have sucked bags at uploading photographs lately.  The man has spent a lot of time with his girlfriend lately and also left the country for a few days to meet some family and friends in The Netherlands.  I have basically had the flat to myself a lot and have done very little.  I have raided the man’s fridge several times, watched Babestation (humans are disgusting) and generally not got round to posting pictures.  Anyway, Jennie sent in a picture ages ago, so here it is.  She wrote:

“Does this look like a face? It’s a Recaro car seat. A bit like a cream Scream mask from the film Scream!”  It’s a really good one, complete with nose and all.  Apologies for the delay Jen… I suck… bags.

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