Weight Loss: Eat More, Weigh Less

Weight Loss: Eat More, Weigh Less

20130529 Door Handle Face 150x150 Weight Loss: Eat More, Weigh LessSal sent in this picture.  She wrote the following:

“Vic, don’t you think this looks like the talking door handle out of the Disney cartoon Alice in Wonderland? I hope you’ve seen it. Maybe the man has???”

I haven’t seen it but I understand it is about a girl who eats so much food she grows small…  or something.  That’s how Vaxian metabolism works, anyway.  The less you eat the fatter you get.  For example, I’ll start eating five of the man’s cinnamon swirls, then I’ll eat four, then three, then two and then I’ll finish the evening with just a single cinnamon swirl.  And then my suckerbag feels like it’s about to explode… Thanks Sal!!

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