Putting on a Facade

Putting on a Facade

20130908 Broken Smoke Detector Face 150x150 Putting on a FacadeEdwin sent in this picture of a broken smoke detector.  He looks remarkably happy, considering he’s a broken man.  Perhaps he’s happy to be able to be himself, having taken off his mask.  People quite often wear masks, putting on a façade and not expressing their true feelings in public.  Especially in the West there seems to be a culture of not expressing grief in public and a pressure to always be happy, chirpy, loud, extroverted and so on.  One of the problems with this is that those who end up in positions of power are often those that have charisma but don’t have a clue: bosses, politicians, you name it.  Humans are an interesting species and I, as a Vaxian, still struggle to understand them, even though I live with one.

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