Cat Face

Cat Face

20131028 Washing Cat Face 150x150 Cat FaceAntonia sent in this picture via our Facebook Page.  She wrote:

“Hi there, I spotted a cat’s face in some washing that I had drying last night and thought id send it to you 🙂 it was glaring right at me! Hope you like it :)”

I love cats but cats don’t seem to like me very much because I’m a Vaxian.  That’s discrimination against species…  To be fair though, I am a red Vaxian and I hate blue Vaxians for no real reason other than the fact that they are inferior and they smell…  I also hate Dysonoids because they think they are so cool and they steal all our jobs!  I’m lucky I still have a job, which mainly involves lying the airing cupboard and eating food off the floor every now and again.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!  Thanks for the picture, Antonia!

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