If the wind changes you’ll stay like that

If the wind changes you’ll stay like that

20131118 Dump Valve Face 150x150 If the wind changes youll stay like thatHave you ever heard of a dump valve?  I haven’t, but it looks like a product of primitive human engineering, possibly a component of one of those 4-wheeled thingies you people call “cars”.  This was sent in by Jen and it’s a good one.  I can’t work out whether said dump valve is happy or scared, but I’m going to say he or she is happy.  There’s no point being sad or scared if you can smile.  Now I know I look permanently scared, but it’s because when I crash landed on planet Earth I screamed my head off and then the wind changed and my face stayed like that.  So I’m living proof that what they tell kids is absolutely true.  Don’t pull faces, kids!

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