Have a Nice Day

Have a Nice Day

Coffee cup face 150x150 Have a Nice DayI had a lovely email from Sabine from Germany, who sent in this picture of a cup of some hot beverage.  We love getting emails from abroad, so please keep them coming.  She wrote:

“This is Sabine from Germany. I´ve randomly goggled “I see faces” recently and I have luckily found your page.
I´d like to send you a picture – here it is.
I suggest the name ‘Have a nice day’.”
You know how when you order a cappuccino you sometimes get a funky pattern in the frothy milk, like a panda or a leaf or something… Sometimes a face will miraculously materialise when you least expect it.  What a pleasant surprise to the start of the day that must be.  Thank you Sabine!
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