When’s a cupcake not a cupcake

When’s a cupcake not a cupcake

Madeleine 150x150 Whens a cupcake not a cupcakeWell, that’s exactly what I wondered…  Hello there Earthlings! It’s been ages since I last posted, because I’ve been busy sleeping and playing with my fur balls, occasionally waking up and scratching (and stiffing) myself in places I probably shouldn’t.  My doctor would be very unhappy if he found out…

This picture was sent in by the lovely Sonia.  She’s a French graphic designer apparently.  I once had some Brie that I found on the floor under the dining table, which was quite nice.  It goes well with du vin and du pain… but not so much with du Boursin.  Cheese with cheese… that’s like carbs with carbs but different.  Ever had a chip butty or crisp sandwich?  Exactly.

So in answer to the question of when a cupcake is not a cupcake?  When it’s a madeleine.  I was informed that this particular one was a madeleine made in a cupcake case…  But doesn’t that make it a cupcake?  Zut alors!

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