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Evesham (n)


A boring game where you run around with an egg-shaped ball.Β  It’s often played by toffs.Β  Actually, it’s called Rugby, but might have been called Evesham if Vic Suckerbag had picked up the football during physical education lessons at school.Β  Vic, not being a toff, would have been bollocked, not praised, for fart-arsing around during a lesson in this way, though.Β 


Evesham is just one of the many towns where Vic Suckerbag went to school.… Click to read more

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A Catholic bear told me

20110928 Bewildered grit bin 150x150 A Catholic bear told meSam in Bristol sent in this picture of a graffitied grit bin looking bewildered.Β  Do these bins ever get used?Β  Somehow they always seem to fill up with junk, such as empty cans of Special Brew and other shit that chavs toss by the wayside.

We’ve had two bitterly cold winters in a row, so you’d expect these grit bins to be maintained and cleaned out once in a while.Β  But then this is Great Britain and we are a poor country in economic ruin.Β  As Max Keiser keeps saying, buy gold and silver, people!Β  Do it now!Β  Buy a … Click to read more

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