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Precaff (n)


A drink invented by Vic Suckerbag whereby you take varying quantities of normal coffee granules mixed with decaffeinated coffee granules in an attempt to reduce the caffeine content of instant coffee whilst retaining most of the flavour.


Precaff is a contraction of partially re-caffeinated decaffeinated coffee.… Click to read more

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Do Anteaters Drink Coffee?

20110916 Coffee machine drip tray gladiatorial face 150x150 Do Anteaters Drink Coffee?Sam in Bristol sent in this rather awesome picture, which he describes in a single word: Gladiatorial.Β  He adds, β€œThere I was, cleaning my coffee machine, when I saw the shape of the drip tray…”  It does look rather like an ancient war lord clad in armour.Β  The quality and quantity of submissions is definitely getting better, so keep them coming!

Coffee:Β  You either love it or hate it – or you don’t have an opinion.Β  Or maybe you love to hate it.Β  This is yet another example of a dyscalchotomy (look it up in the Victionary and read other … Click to read more

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