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When’s a cupcake not a cupcake

Well, that’s exactly what I wondered… Hello there Earthlings! It’s been ages since I posted, because I’ve been busy sleeping and playing with my fur balls, occasionally waking up and scratching and stiffing myself in places I probably shouldn’t…

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Have a Nice Day

Coffee cup face 150x150 Have a Nice DayI had a lovely email from Sabine from Germany, who sent in this picture of a cup of some hot beverage.  We love getting emails from abroad, so please keep them coming.  She wrote:

“This is Sabine from Germany. I´ve randomly goggled “I see faces” recently and I have luckily found your page.
I´d like to send you a picture – here it is.
I suggest the name ‘Have a nice day’.”
You know how when you order a cappuccino you sometimes get a funky pattern in the frothy milk, like a panda or a leaf or something… Sometimes a … Click to read more
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Dave and I

 Dave and IJen sent in another picture ages ago.  This one is also car-related and it’s a security thingy.  On my planet we don’t have to secure our spaceships because Vaxians are an honest people and don’t steal… (muahahahahaha…)

It looks like a face in utter shock at a laser sight being pointed at its forehead.  “Don’t shoot me,” is what it appears to be thinking.

Thanks for that Jen.  Also, I would gladly take up the offer of moving in with Sal and her Vaxian called Dave.  I think Dave and I could get on quite well!… Click to read more

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Brake Caliper Hippo Face

 Brake Caliper Hippo FaceSo, I’ve been a bit lazy and haven’t posted any updates in ages.  This came in a while back (April) and then I sat on it for ages because I didn’t actually receive the email, as I never got round to setting up this account after I reformatted my laptop.  Anyway… Jen sent in this picture of a brake caliper that looks just like a hippo!  Very good.  Thanks very much Jen! 🙂… Click to read more

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Tablets, tablets, tablets

20140117 Toy tablet face 150x150 Tablets, tablets, tabletsRemember when computers were physically big and any portable device was also big and pretty rubbish and could only store addresses and memos?  Remember the time before mobile phones became mainstream?  Those days were interesting.  How did we ever organise anything?  We would have to use our landline phones to call each other and then meet at an agreed time and place and you would simply have to be there.  No bailing out at the last minute.  You would have to stick together in a crowd or risk losing each other.  The man remembers going to a theme park in … Click to read more

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20140117 Cardboard Packaging Faces 150x150 TripletsSally sent in this image of some cardboard packaging.  There are three of them and they look like triplets, except one of them is the odd one out.  Maybe that’s the evil one!

Nice spot, Sally!… Click to read more

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If the wind changes you’ll stay like that

20131118 Dump Valve Face 150x150 If the wind changes youll stay like thatHave you ever heard of a dump valve?  I haven’t, but it looks like a product of primitive human engineering, possibly a component of one of those 4-wheeled thingies you people call “cars”.  This was sent in by Jen and it’s a good one.  I can’t work out whether said dump valve is happy or scared, but I’m going to say he or she is happy.  There’s no point being sad or scared if you can smile.  Now I know I look permanently scared, but it’s because when I crash landed on planet Earth I screamed my head off and … Click to read more

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Scared Toilet

20131118 Scared Toilet Face 150x150 Scared ToiletNick sent us this picture from his trip to Cyprus.  He said the toilet was scared.  I can kind of see why; a toilet is fed many times a day – more than it can possibly want to eat – and what it eats is not the nicest thing in the world.  As a Vaxian I thought my life was hard.  The man hardly ever feeds me but when he does, he stamps on my eye to induce a sucking reflex.  It’s really cruel and I want to cry… but I’m not going to.  I’ve got to be strong for … Click to read more

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Mrs Air Freshener Says Hi

20131118 Air Freshener Face 150x150 Mrs Air Freshener Says HiLaura sent in this image of an air freshener.  I have no idea where it was taken or what scent it was.  Maybe it a peach scented one, or maybe banana and kumquat.  I do like kumquat; it’s a funny word and a delicious fruit.  Also, how do we know the air freshener is female and married?  Where is Mr Air Freshener and what does he smell like?  Maybe he’s taking the picture and maybe he smells like lavender.  We’ll never know…

Thanks Laura!


 … Click to read more

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Cat Face

20131028 Washing Cat Face 150x150 Cat FaceAntonia sent in this picture via our Facebook Page.  She wrote:

“Hi there, I spotted a cat’s face in some washing that I had drying last night and thought id send it to you 🙂 it was glaring right at me! Hope you like it :)”

I love cats but cats don’t seem to like me very much because I’m a Vaxian.  That’s discrimination against species…  To be fair though, I am a red Vaxian and I hate blue Vaxians for no real reason other than the fact that they are inferior and they smell…  I also hate Dysonoids because … Click to read more

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