Lord of the Pies

20110427 Demonic Cornish Pasty 150x150 Lord of the Pies

Bought sandwiches are full of fat and are expensive.  But is there a convenient way to eat healthy food?

A couple of days ago I wrote about the Royal Wedding (Kate someone and Bill something or other… 😉 ) and mentioned the variety of memorabilia that are on sale, which included sick bags and pies.  A close cousin of the pie is the pasty.  They are both pastry-based foodstuffs, yet they look different.  And I have just caught myself unnecessarily increasing the word count of this article by stating the bleeding obvious.  I call it nihilwafflication.

There is a … Click to read more

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Basket Case

20110418 Grumpy picnic basket 150x150 Basket Case

It’s always great when readers submit pictures.  It’s even better when they write a little bit as well!

Martin from London sent in this picture of the picnic hamper in the kitchen in the house he shares with his partner.  He writes:

 The picnic hamper has a melancholy back story. I think the basis of his saddened demeanour possibly lies in his whole existence.  Initially created lovingly by a wickersmith for the purpose of containment of food and drink, the basket then fell on hard times.  He was disappointed to be purchased not by a potential loving owner. But by Click to read more

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What is music? Cacophilosophy…

20110417 Brie Face 150x150 What is music?  Cacophilosophy...

Most people like music, but what is it?

I went to see a punk band called Spunge recently, dragged along by a couple of friends.  Perhaps “dragged” is somewhat overstated; I was genuinely interested to experience it, but I knew full well that it wouldn’t be my cup of tea.  Both support acts were extremely loud and whilst I sat there absorbing the energy like a Guantánamo Bay detainee being bombarded with Barney music, my mind began to wander.  It was a classic case (and probably first recorded instance) of cacophilosophy – deep thought induced by noise.

An expression of Click to read more

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The tin can

20110409 Green giant smiling can 150x150 The tin can

In my last full article I wrote about relative size, but what about time?  In our stressful lives it seems we could all do with more of it.

How often have you heard someone say time flies when you’re having fun?  So if time has flown, you’ve had fun, right?  Not necessarily.  I have known time to fly even when I wasn’t having fun.  This often occurs in situations where I am engrossed in something I have to do – fun or not – or if there are a hundred million things to do all at once.  Work is one … Click to read more

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A thousand words unspoken

20110331 Tear here box 150x150 A thousand words unspokenWords are interesting and they have the power to convey thoughts.  They are, however, a double-edged sword and can be used for good and bad.  A lot of fun can be had with them, too.

Words:  I love them, but what are they?  Initially I found it difficult to come up with a definition.  This is because, as a man of pragmatism, I was thinking in terms of tangible concepts.  For instance, the written word teapot and the spoken equivalent are physically two very different things, neither of which resembles a teapot, but both nonetheless convey the same meaning … Click to read more

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Five a day

20110326 Building eating greens 150x150 Five a day

I have had a block of garlic butter in my fridge for a month or so, which I originally bought to go with a nice steak.  I think it might have been a rib eye steak, but it could equally well have been anything else.  You see, I don’t know much about steak except that I like it rare and that it can be quite expensive.  It’s one of those things I want to learn more about but never seem to get round to.  Cooking is something I don’t have much time for but when I do I find it … Click to read more

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Bananas, baked beans and crème brûlée

20110319 Bananas Baked Bean Cans 150x150 Bananas, baked beans and crème brûlée

Regular readers will no doubt have spotted that I usually post an update on Thursdays.  Unfortunately (for you, fortunately for me) I was at a lovely Mexican restaurant on Thursday.  Speaking of food, this photograph is one I took a fairly long time ago now and despite first appearances this is not a contrived face but genuinely the product of randomly unpacking my rucksack after an apparently unproductive trip to the supermarket…  Rest assured I do eat more nutritious meals than just baked beans and bananas.  These items have one thing in common: they have all been eaten and no … Click to read more

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The ravages of time

paulina pistachio 150x150 The ravages of timeI quite like pistachios but they are a pain to eat.  In general I don’t like food that has bits in it, around it or anything that hampers my ability to eat it.  That said, I’m not a fussy eater and will eat most things.  I prefer boneless chicken and fish… GM to the rescue! 🙂 Of course that’s not what I meant…

Back on the subject of pistachios, I hate it when they haven’t cracked open properly and when you try to take the shell off you end up stabbing yourself under your thumbnail.  That ‘kin hurts.  Sometimes you … Click to read more

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A real hot-head

20110116 Spicy Vegetable Samosa 300x225 A real hot head

I was at an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant the other night and having grabbed myself some greasy nibbles as a starter, I saw a vegetable samosa staring back at me.  “Eat me! Eat me,” it cried.  My usual practice is not to gorge on greasy bread-crumb coated finger food, as it is bad value for money: it fills you up too quickly.  The other top tip is to minimise on starchy foods, such as potatoes and rice and eat more of the stir-fry dishes.  Of course, I’m not a dietician (one of my friends is though and happened to be there … Click to read more

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