Reader Submission: Nick

Handbag 150x150 Reader Submission: NickBox Face 150x150 Reader Submission: NickThese pictures were submitted by Nick.  Both are quite abstract, but if you stare long enough you’ll see a face in both pictures.  It’s a bit like Magic Eye… maybe… 🙂  Stare for a bit longer, and you can see into the past… not really – more than likely you’ll just end up with eye strain.

Thanks for the submission, Nick!  Remember folks, communication works two ways; this is an interactive site, so don’t be shy!… Click to read more

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We all scream for ice-cream!

20101227 Hereford Station Lock Screaming 300x225 We all scream for ice cream!You know that painting by Edvard Munch called The Scream? I spotted a version of it at Hereford train station. This was the lock to the Customer Lounge, which on one of the coldest days of the year was locked! So I stood out in the cold for 20 minutes waiting for my connection. It was as if the lock was feeling the pain of me and my fellow passengers, screaming in solidarity. Or looking at it from our perspective, we were screaming by proxy! There were no real screams, as everyone was frozen stiff with snow beginning … Click to read more

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Don’t worry. Be happy.

20101226 Vase 300x225 Dont worry.  Be happy.This is a foot stove at my parents’ house. They use it as a pedestal for a Chinese vase, which they have had for as long as I can remember. Well, not quite. It has four or five holes in the top but only the front two are visible, creating the illusion of a face with its mouth open, looking worried or unhappy. Why is it unhappy? Maybe it’s the weight of the vase pressing down on its head. In a way this is a metaphor for worrying about things that are precious to us, but in the grand scheme … Click to read more

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Sucker for a smile…

20101226 Vacuum Cleaner 225x300 Sucker for a smile...You know those Henry vacuum cleaners with faces on? They are an iconic design and a whole family of vacs exists in that range. Not only are they iconic, they are kind of cute. I wonder what inspired the designer to draw a face on it… I visited my parents over Christmas and spotted an accidentatal face in their vacuum cleaner. That’s the second vac I’ve seen with a face on, the other one being my good friend Vic. Makes me wonder if there is a trend here. Maybe designers are hiding faces in their vacuum cleaners in a … Click to read more

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That question again…

20101127 Tin Can Sticking Out Tongue 300x225 That question again...Sometimes I wonder whether product designers ever look at their creations and go, “Ha! It’s a face,” or whether they build faces into products deliberately, purely for fun. This particular design of can has a tab, negating the need for a tin opener – a can of baked beans, I believe. In its unopened state there is nothing special about the can, apart from its delicious content, but pull the tab and a cheeky face emerges. Cheeky? Or perhaps another “gaper”. What’s a gaper? That question has been asked and answered before, I believe… 😉… Click to read more

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Chew on this!

20101127 Scary Tin Opener 225x300 Chew on this!Ever tried opening a tin can with your teeth? No, nor me. Never had to, thanks to this little thing called a tin opener. Ever used your teeth to open a bottle? Again, never had to. But this cheeky little chappy has. It’s a combined tin and bottle opener with massive front teeth. He has opened many a bottle for me in the past: bottles of ale, cider and fruit juice to name but a few. He has a slightly psychopathic look in his eyes, either from a lifetime of opening bottles with his teeth, or maybe that’s the reason … Click to read more

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When’s a beam not a beam? When it’s a metaphor…

20101109 Pub Beam Strap Gagged Man 300x225 Whens a beam not a beam?  When its a metaphor...Pubs can be nice places to meet friends over food and drink and be merry. Some of the old timber beams can be interesting and they add character to an old pub. Look more closely at one of the supporting brackets, however, and there is something more sinister going on. A man has been gagged and is suffering in silence – in silence, for he cannot speak. Down below are people having fun. Some may be aware of his existence, others may not. In a way it is a metaphor for the divide between the “haves” and “have-nots” or the … Click to read more

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Gonzo the great recycling lorry…

20101105 Recresco Recycling Lorry 300x225 Gonzo the great recycling lorry...Recycling has to be a good thing, because it generates faces! I was on my way to Newcastle for a stag do and came across this rather curious lorry. It has two recycling logos on the back and some sort of spout, rather like an elephant’s trunk. It reminded me of Gonzo the Great. I have to stress, I was not driving at the time! Does anyone have any idea what the spout on the back of the lorry is for? It’s a Recresco lorry, but I had never seen such a thing before.… Click to read more

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What’s it all for…?

20101102 Wheelie Bin Looking Pensive 300x225 Whats it all for...?I was on my lunch break and was engaged in thought, clasping my sandwich in one hand and mobile phone in the other. “I must start making my own sandwiches,” I thought. It’s amazing how a market has evolved around people being too busy (or in my case lazy… maybe) to make their own packed lunch. It’s almost like a vicious circle: we’re too busy to make lunch, therefore we buy lunch, which is more expensive. We work longer hours so we can afford to buy the sandwich, which leaves us with less time to make sandwiches… Okay, perhaps not … Click to read more

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No more broom and bust!

20101102 Broom Head in Asda 300x225 No more broom and bust!I always enjoy walking down the hardware aisle in the supermarket. I don’t know why – I just do. There are always interesting items there at ridiculously low prices, making me wonder whether something has gone wrong in our economy. Sometimes I think, “You couldn’t even get the raw materials for that!” Maybe you could, but add onto that the cost of transport, the supermarket’s mark-up, the supplier’s mark-up… what does the manufacturer get? It can’t be much. It’s interesting how the basis for economic growth is manufacturing. But thinking about it, how many brooms can you sell before the … Click to read more

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