First Great Western Train

20100923 Fold Down Tray 300x225 First Great Western TrainOn my daily commute to work on the train I tend to surf the web on my phone, read the news and obsessively refresh my Facebook news feed – not that much ever changes at that hour as most people are asleep or, like me, commuting to work… All that staring at my tiny Nokia E71 screen makes my eyes sore and I start seeing things when I occasionally rest my eyes. The other day I saw a fish-like creature in the fold-down tray in front of me with its mouth slightly open, as if to say, “Feed me! Feed … Click to read more

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Remote Control

20100919 Remote Control 225x300 Remote ControlDon’t you hate doing chores around the house? Well, I certainly do and if you don’t, you’re more than welcome to come down and help me out! Ha! Well, I was doing some cleaning and the remote control for my Sagem Freeview box fell on the floor, exposing its face. It seemed to be unhappy for some reason. Maybe because I just dropped it on the floor.… Click to read more

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Picture Hook

20100919 Picture Hook 300x225 Picture HookI recently moved into my new flat and in an idle moment noticed an unused picture hook staring at me. Considering it’s been hanging on the wall, presumably hidden from daylight by the previous occupants for years, it looks extremely happy. Kind of makes me wonder what its secret is. Maybe it knows something I don’t. Maybe it’s laughing at me. Maybe it’s just happy to see the light of day. Who knows. Who cares. It’s a picture hook.… Click to read more

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Now wash your hands

20100918 Flush Button 300x225 Now wash your handsThose dual-flush buttons on cisterns are a pretty good water saving invention – in theory. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and but don’t always work. Sometimes the buttons pop out or “stick”. I have seen that on more than one occasion. This particular specimen is in my brother’s bathroom. I was there the other day and was about to press the button and noticed a cheeky face smiling at me. In case you’re wondering, I did wash my hands.… Click to read more

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Pharmacy in the sky

20100917 Bottelinos Bedminster 300x225 Pharmacy in the sky I was on my way to Asda the other day and and looked up at the sky and noticed the tower of Bottelino’s Italian restaurant looking down at me. The slightly open round window makes it look like he’s got his mouth open, exposing his tongue. In the Netherlands they have stone or wooden figures with their mouths open outside pharmacies. They are called gapers. It kind of reminded me of that. Maybe it’s the entrance to a big pharmacy in the sky.… Click to read more

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