Kopi Luwak

20130911 Starbucks Coffee Grinder Face 150x150 Kopi LuwakJen from London sent in this image.¬† It is a photograph of a photograph.¬† Jen says, “The picture is a photo I took of a sign on the side of a¬† drive thru, yes, drive thru, Starbucks shop. At Stansted airport. Are there copyright issues here??”

Well, I’d say they are getting free advertising out of this…¬†¬†I¬†have never heard of a coffee drive thru/drive through…¬† That’s pretty lazy, yet very convenient.¬† I wonder if they sell Kopi Luwak.¬† On my home planet we have something similar called Aqh’KapoH.¬† It’s basically Vaxian¬†coffee beans eaten by blue Vaxians.¬† We … Click to read more

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Cosmetic Surgery: Lip Curl

20130911 Brushed Stainless Steel Post Face 150x150 Cosmetic Surgery: Lip CurlThis picture was sent in by Jen.¬† It is a round thing… that’s all I know about it!¬† It looks like a brushed stainless steel bollard with some scratches on it.¬† Interestingly, the man spotted a face in a concrete bollard recently and I can’t remember whether I posted it or not…¬† Anyway, this isn’t about me; it’s about this picture!¬† Whatever it is, it seems to be very happy, smiling away.¬† Speaking of smiles, did you know you can get lip curl cosmetic surgery these days to make it look like you’re constantly smiling?¬† I found this out today … Click to read more

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Did I mention bacon?

20130911 Yorkshire Pudding Face 150x150 Did I mention bacon?This picture of a Yorkshire pudding (at least I think that’s what it is) was sent in by Jen from London and was taken by a friend or acquaintance of hers.¬† I have never had a Yorkshire pudding and the chances of having one any time soon are pretty slim; the man is gluten intolerant and I’m not sure you can make Yorkshires out of gluten-free flour.¬† Maybe you can.¬† If you have a recipe, maybe you can send me a link.

This “pudding” is very happy, despite the fact that it is a little bit burnt on one side.¬† … Click to read more

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A Load of Balls

20130911 Pool Balls Face 150x150 A Load of BallsJen sent in a picture, which she got from a friend.¬† She said, “Somebody tells me they see faces too!”¬† I’m not sure what this particular object is, but it’s definitely got a face.¬† I’m somewhat distracted by the pool balls in the background.¬† I do like a good game of pool.¬† It’s like a swimming pool, only different.¬† I’m not much of a fan of swimming to tell you the truth.¬† Water tends to mess me up for a while.¬† I do like watching women in the swimming pool… especially Kylie…

Anyway, I need to upload a couple more … Click to read more

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Cigars are Cool

20130911 Smoking Component Face 150x150 Cigars are CoolCigars.¬† What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of cigars?¬† Jimmy Savile?¬† Bill Clinton?¬† Fidel Castro?¬† Saddam Hussein?¬† Or do you think of Birds of Baldwin Street, the Bristol-based tobacconist, where the old boys used to smoke cigars¬†indoors with the door open, whilst giving excellent customer service?

I happen to think of the man whose airing cupboard I live in.¬† He is a complete idiot.¬† He smokes cigars very occasionally, perhaps one or two a year.¬† Whatever you might think of smoking (it is bad for you and I don’t like habitual cigarette smoking), I … Click to read more

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Watching Kylie

20130911 SciSpin Mini Centrifuge Face 150x150 Watching KylieThis picture was sent in by Edwin and shows another centrifuge; this time a SciSpin Mini.¬† It looks very much like the type of centrifuge we Vaxians use to enrich uranium for spacecraft propulsion.¬† This centrifuge is pretty happy, just like the other one.¬† I bet he’s watching videos of Kylie Minogue…

Nice picture, Edwin!… Click to read more

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I’m spinning around

20130911 Centrifuge Face 150x150 Im spinning aroundHere follows the final batch of images sent in by Edwin!¬† This is a picture of a centrifuge.¬† I’m not sure what kind of centrifuge, but it’s a fairly happy one.¬† Happy because it’s spinning around, move out of its way, he knows you’re feeling him cause you like it like this…¬† Well, I think Kylie Minogue’s version is better; partly because she’s hot…¬† Vaxian women are not as beautiful as she is.¬† Vaxian women suck!¬† But that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

Anyway, centrifuges… what more can I say?¬† Thanks Edwin!… Click to read more

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Happy in your job?

20130908 Happy Adjuster Face 150x150 Happy in your job?Edwin sent in this picture of what he calls an “adjuster”.¬† I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it appears to be a piece of steel holding something else in position for some reason.¬† Maybe for machining or perhaps for something¬†entirely different.¬† Whatever it is doing, it seems pretty happy.¬† And that’s actually quite a rarity these days.¬†¬†In the economic climate I know plenty of people who are unhappy in their current jobs.¬† Salaries are low, prices are rising, houses are unaffordable, big companies are profiting, clients and bosses bully¬†and wealth isn’t trickling down.¬† It’s all … Click to read more

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Cute and delicious

20130908 Door Parrot Face 150x150 Cute and deliciousAnimals are interesting in that they are¬†both cute and delicious.¬† As a Vaxian I don’t care too much where my food has come from; I¬†crash landed on a¬†strange blue planet and I had to survive, so I made myself eat whatever I could find on the floor…¬†or in the man’s fridge.¬† ¬† Edwin sent in this picture of a door parrot.¬† It’s interesting how animals manifest themselves in the home, in places you’d least expect.¬† Finding mice, cockroaches or silverfish¬†is quite common but random parrots?¬† Maybe on board a pirate ship…¬† I had a Varrot on … Click to read more

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A horror movie

20130908 Daihatsu hijet windscreen washer face 150x150 A horror movieEdwin sent in this image of a Daihatsu Hijet windscreen washer.¬† It’s actually quite an eerie image; a bit like something out of a horror movie, where an apparition appears outside the window on a rainy stormy night.¬† The figure has slight exotropia, which makes it even more scary, as I’m unsure where he’s looking.¬† Is he looking at me?¬† Is he at my soul?¬† Either way, I’m pretty scared.¬† Well, the joke’s on him: Vaxians don’t have souls.… Click to read more

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