Standing Room Only

20110703 Bristol temple meads fire appliances 150x150 Standing Room Only

 I took this photograph several weeks ago when my train was delayed.  It was the train to work for once – usually it’s on the way home, which is a complete ballache – so with time to kill I was inspired to go on a face hunt.  They are everywhere and you will find one if you look hard enough.

 This particular photograph is of a small cabinet with a label reading “Fire appliances”.  There are several of these at Bristol Temple Meads railway station, probably at least one on every platform and they have a bit of a blank … Click to read more

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What’s the plural of M&M?

20110525 Broken hub cap face 150x150 Whats the plural of M&M?Plurals are great because you have more of something.  Why settle for one chip when you can have a plate of chips?  If there’s room for two apples, why only eat one?  What’s the plural of M&M?  This will hurt your head like it did mine!

The so-called greengrocers’ apostrophe – or should that be, greengrocer’s apostrophe? 😉 – is something that annoys me no end.  It’s one of the spelling error’s that annoy’s me most.  See what I did there?  Annoying, isn’t it?  Almost as annoying is missing out apostrophes altogether.

In English there is only one … Click to read more

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Do look back but with a smile

20110327 Motorbike luggage case 150x150 Do look back but with a smile

Today is the day of the British Census 2011 and also the start of British Summer Time (BST).  It marks the end of about five months of coming home from work in the dark and now the clocks have sprung an hour forward.  As a young child I always had trouble remembering which way the clocks went.  There is the mnemonic that says the clocks spring forward and fall back, where fall is used in the American sense.  The only trouble with that is that you can spring and fall in either direction so we’re none the wiser.  I … Click to read more

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How long’s a piece of string?

20110320 Catenary window smile chippenham station 150x150 How longs a piece of string?

“In a few moments time this train will be calling at Bristol Temple Meads, where this service will terminate.  Bristol Temple Meads your final station stop.  All change please, all change.”

This is a second most familiar announcement to those regularly travelling on the Great Western Railway line between London and Bristol, the most familiar being, “We’re sorry that the 1709 First Great Western service to Bristol Temple Meads is delayed by approximately 23 minutes”.  Public transport.  We loves it.

This is a photograph of Chippenham station.  There is currently a Portakabin situated near the front gate with an LV … Click to read more

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A long way to go

20110313 Petrol pump robot 150x150 A long way to go

On Sunday evening last week I promised I would post five updates.  I knew it was a tall order, but with a few hours to spare I am pleased to say I have managed to keep my promise.  My office hole punch is a man of integrity and I try to live up to his standards.

I have written about the environmental impact of consumerism at length, but what about oil consumption?  Oil is still a major driving force behind our economy.  Everything around you is the product of oil consumption, whether as a raw material in plastics or as … Click to read more

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Le Jacques Merde absolutement…

Car pedals 150x150 Le Jacques Merde absolutement...I thought it would be cool to do another update of I Spy – a feature that I have neglected somewhat.  As with the I See Faces feature, there are plenty of pictures to come – it’s just finding the time to update the site as well as tweaking the layout as traffic and content increases.   And then, of course, there’s my day job and social life…  I spend at least 10 hours a week of my life commuting (by train), which doesn’t help matters, but I see it as my “thinking” time.  OK, so in reality I do little … Click to read more

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Some say…

20110307 Helmet Man 150x150 Some say...

Remember I wrote about the invisible man some time ago?  It was an article in which I mentioned my colleague, who rides a motorbike.  I was chatting to him about work-related issues the other day and noticed his helmet on the window sill with his gloves wedged inside and poking out of the “face bit” – you know the hole with the visor.  Oh, I don’t know what that’s called, as I ride a bike, but see for yourself.  The result is a rather interesting gorilla-like face with a cheesy grin, a big speckled nose and a bit of a … Click to read more

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Wear sunscream, er I mean screen…

20110210 Screaming Ford Focus Dashboard 150x150 Wear sunscream, er I mean screen...My job brings a lot of variety in terms of what I do from one day to the next.  One of the interesting things about my job is that I get to visit many different places in the UK, go to different people’s offices and sample different buffets at meetings.  Sometimes that’s the only good reason for going! 🙂  Meetings can be a pain because they take up time and generate more actions.  But it’s infinitely better than being unemployed, as I was this time last year.  The only thing that kept me sane was the fact that I turned … Click to read more

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We all scream for ice-cream!

20101227 Hereford Station Lock Screaming 300x225 We all scream for ice cream!You know that painting by Edvard Munch called The Scream? I spotted a version of it at Hereford train station. This was the lock to the Customer Lounge, which on one of the coldest days of the year was locked! So I stood out in the cold for 20 minutes waiting for my connection. It was as if the lock was feeling the pain of me and my fellow passengers, screaming in solidarity. Or looking at it from our perspective, we were screaming by proxy! There were no real screams, as everyone was frozen stiff with snow beginning … Click to read more

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Gonzo the great recycling lorry…

20101105 Recresco Recycling Lorry 300x225 Gonzo the great recycling lorry...Recycling has to be a good thing, because it generates faces! I was on my way to Newcastle for a stag do and came across this rather curious lorry. It has two recycling logos on the back and some sort of spout, rather like an elephant’s trunk. It reminded me of Gonzo the Great. I have to stress, I was not driving at the time! Does anyone have any idea what the spout on the back of the lorry is for? It’s a Recresco lorry, but I had never seen such a thing before.… Click to read more

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