Lord of the Pies

20110427 Demonic Cornish Pasty 150x150 Lord of the Pies

Bought sandwiches are full of fat and are expensive.  But is there a convenient way to eat healthy food?

A couple of days ago I wrote about the Royal Wedding (Kate someone and Bill something or other… 😉 ) and mentioned the variety of memorabilia that are on sale, which included sick bags and pies.  A close cousin of the pie is the pasty.  They are both pastry-based foodstuffs, yet they look different.  And I have just caught myself unnecessarily increasing the word count of this article by stating the bleeding obvious.  I call it nihilwafflication.

There is a … Click to read more

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An attitude to life

20110314 Pink bin 150x150 An attitude to life

Not too long ago I was introduced to a teacher, we got chatting and I told her about my website.  She promised to take a picture of her pink bin; she likes the colour pink and that’s an understatement.  I, in turn, said I would write something about it.  True to her word, I got the picture and strictly speaking this isn’t the kind of face I normally write about, but it still deserves an honourable mention; It’s kind of cute and I’m a sucker(bag) for a smile. 🙂

 Promises are great when kept.  They inspire confidence and demonstrate reliability … Click to read more

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Some say…

20110307 Helmet Man 150x150 Some say...

Remember I wrote about the invisible man some time ago?  It was an article in which I mentioned my colleague, who rides a motorbike.  I was chatting to him about work-related issues the other day and noticed his helmet on the window sill with his gloves wedged inside and poking out of the “face bit” – you know the hole with the visor.  Oh, I don’t know what that’s called, as I ride a bike, but see for yourself.  The result is a rather interesting gorilla-like face with a cheesy grin, a big speckled nose and a bit of a … Click to read more

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You would cry too…

20110227 Sad fax machine face 150x150 You would cry too...Remember when fax machines were all the rage?  My dad used to run his own business, so we always had a fax machine in the house.  It was pretty annoying because we didn’t have a separate number for it.  From time to time this meant that on answering the phone you would be greeted with a loud high pitch squeal and if that hadn’t blown your head off you’d put the receiver down and the fax machine would start to spit out reams of paper.  Not just any paper, either –  it was that special thermal paper on a roll … Click to read more

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Singing Man gets thrown out of Empty Bar

Man thrown out of bar video thumbnail 150x150 Singing Man gets thrown out of Empty BarThis video was taken over a year ago when I was out with some colleagues.  It was our annual office Christmas dinner.  After the meal a small group of us lost everyone else, for reasons I can’t quite remember (not alcohol-related amnesia, I hasten to add – simply because it’s not important).  I think it was something to do with having to get cash out and arranging to meet everyone in a particular bar.  When we eventually got there we found the place to be near enough empty.  There was one man, who was evidently smashed off his nut and … Click to read more

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A joke without a punchline

20110204 Files and drawer 150x150 A joke without a punchlineWhat do you get when you cross two box files with a drawer?  A face laughing at a joke without a punchline!  Sorry?  Oh, surely you get jokes!  Everyone gets jokes…  Right?  I have a load of box files with important looking documents in them lined up on a cabinet beside my desk in the office.  Indeed they are important (to the job I do), but not particularly entertaining.  Think ground investigation reports, British Standards and other such delightful things.  Yawn?  Not exactly light reading, unless you are that way inclined…

Occasionally these boxes get moved about, partly because I … Click to read more

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Another dimension

20101014 Oce Scanner Console 300x225 Another dimensionForget looking at things from different angles (A Different Perspective and Part 2), the new perspective is 3D, apparently. This seems to be all the rage at the cinema these days. The only film I have seen in 3D so far is Clash of the Titans. I can’t remember the story. I have an appalling memory for films and film “stars” and have been told by someone I know that I am the least star-struck person they have ever met. I always proudly tell everyone I didn’t recognise Tom Cruise in Lions for Lambs. This cheeky … Click to read more

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A Different Perspective Part 2

20101013 Fridge Door Handle 300x225 A Different Perspective Part 2In my previous post, A Different Perspective, I talked about tilting my head to reveal an image of a face where otherwise the image didn’t exist. Well, I spent the next two days walking around with a tilted head. Nah, that’s a lie. I wish I had, though. Imagine the looks you’d get from people and then having to explain that you’ve been “seeing things” and you’re “looking for faces”. Hmmm… yes… This whole thing reminded me of a conversation I once had with my brother (I think). It went along the lines of: if you’re lying down on … Click to read more

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Marketing Secrets

20101008 Dyson Airblade 300x225 Marketing SecretsThat James Dyson guy is a pretty clever chap: Take a tried and tested appliance, turn it into a frog-like face with pursed lips and market it as something high-tech! Seriously though, I think these Airblades are pretty good and they look quite sexy too. Yeah, you know they do! I find they work best if you stick your hands in from the side. Stick them in from the top and you get a blast of air propelling water droplets up your sleeves. There’s nothing worse than wet sleeves. Well, there’s plenty: war, famine, poverty… But you know what I … Click to read more

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Cry baby bunting…

20101005 Camera Case 300x225 Cry baby bunting...Whilst resting my eyes from the computer screen, trying to juggle an endless stream of emails and reinforced concrete design, I noticed the camera case looking unhappy. It’s not very clear in the picture (damn you Nokia E71 camera!) but it looks like a cute baby, except he’s not so cute, in that he’s crying. Are you hungry, little man?

Funnily enough as I am typing this, I’m listening to Last.fm and a smooth jazz version of Stevie Wonder’s song “Isn’t she lovely” came on, which started with baby sounds in the background. Incidentally, if you’re reading this, boss, I … Click to read more

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