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Putting on a Facade

20130908 Broken Smoke Detector Face 150x150 Putting on a FacadeEdwin sent in this picture of a broken smoke detector.  He looks remarkably happy, considering he’s a broken man.  Perhaps he’s happy to be able to be himself, having taken off his mask.  People quite often wear masks, putting on a façade and not expressing their true feelings in public.  Especially in the West there seems to be a culture of not expressing grief in public and a pressure to always be happy, chirpy, loud, extroverted and so on.  One of the problems with this is that those who end up in positions of power are often those that have … Click to read more

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Tapman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop)

20130908 Tapman Tap Face 150x150 Tapman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop)A couple of days ago Edwin sent in a staggering 7 images.  Here is the first in the series. This is a mixer tap that looks like a little man (and for those wanting to be politically correct, he’s definitely a man, otherwise the post title doesn’t work) – the Tapman, like the Scatman but different.  Remember Scatman John?  I’m listening to his song “Scatman” as I type this.  It’s amazing how timeless this tune is.  At the time it might have been perceived to be “modern” and “loud”, going “boom boom boom boom boom”, but compared to some of … Click to read more

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Ancient Technology

20130730 Gear stick afro face 150x150 Ancient TechnologyJen sent in another image and wrote: “I’ve had my freelance photographer, Gary, scouring the country for faces and this is all he’s found…. Basically it is some sort of hydraulic handbrake knob with an Afro. I suppose it was a good ‘spot’ as it’s quite a small face. So there…..maybe u could post a diagram to show the workings of such a device?”

I really like this picture and I like the idea of posting the workings of this device, but I don’t know how ancient technology works.  I don’t understand cars; they are rather primitive…

Great spot, Gary … Click to read more

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Little Squirt

20130730 Fire hydrant face 150x150 Little SquirtSal sent in another picture, or more accurately, she tagged me in one on Facebook.  The caption read, “Vic, [I] went to Southend on sea and this little squirt was in the arcades!!! It’s a fire hydrant!!!!”

That’s the most colourful and high tech fire hydrant I have ever seen.  It’s a very good spot.  Many thanks Sal!

Vic Suckerbag… Click to read more

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Shake n Vac

20130708 Worried plug socket face 150x150 Shake n VacKimberley sent in this photograph of a plug socket looking slightly worried.  When I get worried I get the shakes.  It’s a bit like Shake n Vac, put the freshness back (can I have my cheque please S. C. Johnson & Son?)… but without the vacuuming.

I always seem to shake at 50 Hz as well; maybe it’s because I tap into these power sockets for an energy boost.  They all seem to run at 50 Hz around here.

Anyway, I’m going to go back to sleep now, people.  Thanks Kimberley!!… Click to read more

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Ikea Ikea Ikea

20130629 Ikea item powerstation face 150x150 Ikea Ikea IkeaJen was walking around Ikea and spotted this.  She says:

“God knows what this is…. A battery charger of some sort. It was hanging around on the shelves in ikea. Hope you’re getting enough to eat Vic.”

Well yes, I have had a lot to eat recently, including a load of rusty iron filing from the bathroom toilet cistern.  The siphon broke last week and it had to be replaced, which created a bit of a mess, but I can’t complain; it’s food for me.  That got me thinking… Mess, as in Officers’ Mess, must be a Vaxian-derived word.  It’s … Click to read more

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G’day Mate

20130629 Fosters Lager Ad Face 150x150 Gday MateJen sent in another picture, this time taken from the Foster’s lager advert.  She writes:

"G'day mate. 

Now Vic, I don't know if this is good enough for you but I photographed this off of 4OD. It's the Fosters lager advert. 

I can see a little face in the tube thing by the man in the blue and red t-shirt. 

Can you see it?  Also, if you can see it, can u turn the photo around? I can't bloody do it!!

So slap it on the barbie, Sheila!"

Actually, if you look to the far left of the picture you … Click to read more
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Heras Fence Post Base

20130629 Heras Fence Post Base Face 150x150 Heras Fence Post BaseJennie sent in another face – ages ago…  I had some problems installing the image manipulation software on the man’s computer following a system reinstall.  Anyway, here’s a picture of a Heras fence post base.  Jen wrote:
“Here we have a distressed concrete face. The reason for this could be:

A: He’s got 2 metal poles shoved straight through him.

B: He’s just been branded with an ‘X’ between the eyes.

C: I am standing on him.

Who knows? And to be honest I don’t really care. As long as I got a good face to put on iseefaces.

Tar … Click to read more

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Lock Face

20130629 Lock Face 150x150 Lock FaceHello all! Apologies for the  lack of updates; the man had some IT issues and his laptop hasn’t been working properly for a while, meaning I couldn’t edit submitted photographs.  Anyway, we’re back in business and here is a picture sent in by the Nicotra family.  There was no accompanying email but there appears to be a cylinder lock with a couple of screws.  Is it a door lock?  Is it something else??  Who knows… but it’s mouth is slightly open and its lower jaw detached from its face like a Canadian in South Park. 🙂  And he has a … Click to read more

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I’m Bad, I’m Bad

20130529 Banana man face 150x150 Im Bad, Im BadI’m bad and I know it.  But this isn’t about me (for once).  Jen sent in another picture; this time of a banana.  She wrote:

“Here’s a quickie – a banana gone bad. Was peeling it when I noticed a ‘bad bit’ in it. There was just no way I could eat it – it was so bad it scared me.”

I love bananas; particularly the stringy bits that fall on the floor that the man simply can’t be bothered to pick up.  As soon as I spot one it’s mine.  Actually, I have never had a whole banana.  After … Click to read more

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