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G’day Mate

20130629 Fosters Lager Ad Face 150x150 Gday MateJen sent in another picture, this time taken from the Foster’s lager advert.  She writes:

"G'day mate. 

Now Vic, I don't know if this is good enough for you but I photographed this off of 4OD. It's the Fosters lager advert. 

I can see a little face in the tube thing by the man in the blue and red t-shirt. 

Can you see it?  Also, if you can see it, can u turn the photo around? I can't bloody do it!!

So slap it on the barbie, Sheila!"

Actually, if you look to the far left of the picture you can see another face... I can, anyway...

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A joke without a punchline

20110204 Files and drawer 150x150 A joke without a punchlineWhat do you get when you cross two box files with a drawer?  A face laughing at a joke without a punchline!  Sorry?  Oh, surely you get jokes!  Everyone gets jokes…  Right?  I have a load of box files with important looking documents in them lined up on a cabinet beside my desk in the office.  Indeed they are important (to the job I do), but not particularly entertaining.  Think ground investigation reports, British Standards and other such delightful things.  Yawn?  Not exactly light reading, unless you are that way inclined…

Occasionally these boxes get moved about, partly because I am lazy and accidentally knock them when I reach over my desk to take documents out and put them back.  Ha!  That’s a pack of lies: I never put them back and end up with a big pile of paper and reports on my desk.  I delude myself that a busy man’s desk is never tidy and that it’s an organised mess – a piling (as opposed to a filing) “system”.

A few posts ago I commented on how random bits of junk left over from a party had aligned themselves into a shape resembling a face (see Random Order).  This is yet another example of how unrelated items come together to form a face.  This one kind of reminds me of the little knitted characters they had in an advert for a car whose name I can’t remember.  Now that’s good advertising!  I believe the slogan was “C’mon”…  (That’ll be £10 for the plug, please Mr… Mr… damn, I told you I can’t remember…)  I suppose I could Google it, but I don’t really give a toss! 🙂

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