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A Load of Balls

20130911 Pool Balls Face 150x150 A Load of BallsJen sent in a picture, which she got from a friend.¬† She said, “Somebody tells me they see faces too!”¬† I’m not sure what this particular object is, but it’s definitely got a face.¬† I’m somewhat distracted by the pool balls in the background.¬† I do like a good game of pool.¬† It’s like a swimming pool, only different.¬† I’m not much of a fan of swimming to tell you the truth.¬† Water tends to mess me up for a while.¬† I do like watching women in the swimming pool… especially Kylie…

Anyway, I need to upload a couple more pictures before the man comes in again and then I’m going straight back to the airing cupboard.

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Cigars are Cool

20130911 Smoking Component Face 150x150 Cigars are CoolCigars.¬† What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of cigars?¬† Jimmy Savile?¬† Bill Clinton?¬† Fidel Castro?¬† Saddam Hussein?¬† Or do you think of Birds of Baldwin Street, the Bristol-based tobacconist, where the old boys used to smoke cigars¬†indoors with the door open, whilst giving excellent customer service?

I happen to think of the man whose airing cupboard I live in.¬† He is a complete idiot.¬† He smokes cigars very occasionally, perhaps one or two a year.¬† Whatever you might think of smoking (it is bad for you and I don’t like habitual cigarette smoking), I think cigars are cool.¬† Even if the people smoking them aren’t always cool…¬† This picture shows a component made of steel and it is smoking a fat cigar, looking tr√®s cool.¬† Thanks for this one Edwin!

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Happy in your job?

20130908 Happy Adjuster Face 150x150 Happy in your job?Edwin sent in this picture of what he calls an “adjuster”.¬† I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it appears to be a piece of steel holding something else in position for some reason.¬† Maybe for machining or perhaps for something¬†entirely different.¬† Whatever it is doing, it seems pretty happy.¬† And that’s actually quite a rarity these days.¬†¬†In the economic climate I know plenty of people who are unhappy in their current jobs.¬† Salaries are low, prices are rising, houses are unaffordable, big companies are profiting, clients and bosses bully¬†and wealth isn’t trickling down.¬† It’s all a¬†load of rubbish.¬† Thankfully as a Vaxian I don’t need to worry about that.¬† I just sit in the airing cupboard and laze about.¬† It’s nice and warm in here and pretty cosy.¬† Are you happy in your job?

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Sleeping Stapler

20120717 Stapler face 150x150 Sleeping StaplerJohn sent in this photograph of his office stapler!  The stapler appears to be asleep, totally oblivious to the fact that it has just been opened up.

I wish I could sleep at work… Actually, I don’t really work.¬† I just sleep in the airing cupboard all day and when I am put to work, it’s more of a feeding frenzy.¬† I hate it how humans call me a vacuum cleaner though.¬† That’s a dirty word…

Thanks again John!

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