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Seeing the light

20130322 Light Dimmer Switch Face 150x150 Seeing the lightGideon from Amsterdam was doing some DIY and as he removed the cover from one of his dimmer switches he saw a face.  What’s so good about this one is that the nose is 3-dimensional and the face has ears.  It’s a full face with a well defined expression.  It’s got a beaming smile, maybe because it can see the light now that its cover has been removed.

Superb spot Gideon!

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Why I hate humans

20130217 Wooden Box Coffee Table Face 150x150 Why I hate humansGideon from Amsterdam (ja, Amshterdam for shure, for shure) sent in this picture of a wooden box-cum-coffee table.  The box isn’t looking very happy with all that crap piled onto its back.  Humans are the biggest bullies on the planet and use anything and everything for their own benefit with no regard for the feelings of others.  Look at me: I’m an enslaved Vaxian, but I can’t complain; at least I get fed… sometimes.

Here’s a further list of why I hate humans: global warming, slave trade, deforestation, cheating partners, girlfriend or date snogging someone else, bankers stealing from their fellow humans…  Actually, the latter is debatable, as rich bankers with their dirty bonuses aren’t really human…  Anyway, there’s a picture of a box…

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Is it a shark? Is it a whale?

20121024 Stapler dog whale shark face 150x150 Is it a shark? Is it a whale?My regular readers and Facebook friends (add me on Facebook so you can poke me!) know I love cats.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because they are so fluffy…  Or maybe it’s because they are more intelligent than humans.  I love all animals for that reason.  Speaking of animals, Gideon, a hotel manager from Amsterdam, sent me this photograph.  He sees a “shark or a whale or whatever”.  I do too!

Nice picture! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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