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Abu Hamza, Babar Ahmad and Chocolate Cake

20120410 Face of steel and grout 150x150 Abu Hamza, Babar Ahmad and Chocolate CakeSam sent in this photograph, which the editor has been meaning to upload for a while now but his computer broke.  He’s such a lazy twat, so I’ve taken it upon myself to upload it, as no-one else will.

Hey, did you hear the news about Abu Hamza and Babar Ahmad today?  Outsourcing justice to the US?  In my language on my planet, Abu Hamza and Babar Ahmad are types of chocolate cake.  I once baked an Abu Hamza and Babar Ahmad for my brother’s birthday.  We devoured the lot in under 10 seconds, that’s how delicious they were.  We used a recipe I found on the internet…

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A Different Perspective Part 2

20101013 Fridge Door Handle 300x225 A Different Perspective Part 2In my previous post, A Different Perspective, I talked about tilting my head to reveal an image of a face where otherwise the image didn’t exist. Well, I spent the next two days walking around with a tilted head. Nah, that’s a lie. I wish I had, though. Imagine the looks you’d get from people and then having to explain that you’ve been “seeing things” and you’re “looking for faces”. Hmmm… yes… This whole thing reminded me of a conversation I once had with my brother (I think). It went along the lines of: if you’re lying down on the sofa watching TV, why do you still perceive the image to be the right way up? To be honest, I’d never thought about it, nor noticed it before and wondered what would happen if you put the TV on its side so its “up” was the same as your own “up” lying down. I’m pleased to say I’ve never been bored enough to try it… The face? It’s a fridge door handle. He’s happy. Enough said.

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Now wash your hands

20100918 Flush Button 300x225 Now wash your handsThose dual-flush buttons on cisterns are a pretty good water saving invention – in theory. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and but don’t always work. Sometimes the buttons pop out or “stick”. I have seen that on more than one occasion. This particular specimen is in my brother’s bathroom. I was there the other day and was about to press the button and noticed a cheeky face smiling at me. In case you’re wondering, I did wash my hands.

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