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Snog a Fish Day

Snog a Fish Video Thumbnail1 150x150 Snog a Fish DayHello again and happy 14 February 2011! What’s that? Oh, I thought today was International Snog a Fish Day. On reflection, for some people this may well be the case…

Silliness aside – actually, silliness firmly centre stage – I spent yesterday afternoon rebuilding the site to accommodate the new feature I see motion, or video to you and me. First up is a clip of a fish I filmed at Cosmo, an all you can eat buffet restaurant in Bristol (England), situated on the Triangle some time ago. Around the back of the restaurant, where we sat that evening in May (or whenever it was), there is a fish tank built into the wall and there was a fish measuring approximately 7 cm (or if you’re that way inclined), stuck to the aquarium wall, exhibiting the most bizarre behaviour. Take a look for yourself – I’ll go and put the virtual kettle on…

Hello, I’m back – brew in hand… Okay, so this went on for quite some time. Either it was extremely hungry or it really wanted to snog me. Oh yeah? I think it’s abundantly clear that it was the latter and you’re just jealous! 😉 Well, for one night only we can share the love. Happy Snog a Fish Day!

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A real hot-head

20110116 Spicy Vegetable Samosa 300x225 A real hot head

I was at an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant the other night and having grabbed myself some greasy nibbles as a starter, I saw a vegetable samosa staring back at me.  “Eat me! Eat me,” it cried.  My usual practice is not to gorge on greasy bread-crumb coated finger food, as it is bad value for money: it fills you up too quickly.  The other top tip is to minimise on starchy foods, such as potatoes and rice and eat more of the stir-fry dishes.  Of course, I’m not a dietician (one of my friends is though and happened to be there too) and I speak solely from the point of view of perceived value for money! 🙂

This samosa was particularly spicy and looked like body-less head:  a real hot-head.  It reminded me of one of my primary school teachers, who once told me about  her peculiar way of eating jelly babies: she would bite the heads off first so they couldn’t cry.  Now that’s sick.  What does one do in the case of the samosa that has no body?  Stick a fork in it!

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