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Raining Hundreds & Thousands…of raindrops

cabot circus catwalk 150x150 Raining Hundreds & Thousands...of raindropsI have a widget (or “gadget” in Windows 7 parlance) on my desktop PC at work, which tells me the current weather in Bristol, England.  As I was getting ready to leave the office for the day the current weather read “Sprinkles”.  “Mmmm, spinkles,” I thought and imagined what kind of sprinkles I might be faced with outside.  Would it be chocolate sprinkles?  Could it be hundreds and thousands, perchance…  Alas, it was neither and I was drenched in bog standard H2O: rain.  But at least it was fairly mild.

Last week was absolutely freezing again and I happened to have the week off work.  I had some reports to write and some web design to do, but on the 5th day I rested.  I went out for a stroll into town and happened upon a catwalk in Cabot Circus.  Apparently Gok Wan was in town.  Pardon?  No, nor me, but apparently he’s famous… 😉  As I gazed down upon the stage from one of the many bridges, I thought it looked like a massive hand sticking up its middle finger as if to say, “Cold weather, be gone!”  A week later it was.  But now it’s raining.  Be careful what you wish for.

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