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20121022 Pie face 150x150 3.1415926535...Our honorary London correspondent, Jen, sent in this photograph of a pie she (presumably) had for dinner.  She writes, “This one’s innards consists of mince beef and onion – courtesy of Asda! :-)”.  Her email had the number pi as the subject, which I thought was very clever for a human.  The only problem is that pi is wrong.  The more logically consistent circle constant is tau and it results in cleaner formulae.  We Vaxians have known about this for (Vaxian) centuries and you humans have only just cottoned on to the idea.  Again, we laugh at your primitive intellect – not too hard though, because we have a tendency to expel clouds of dust… anyway…  Jen sent in another picture of a napkin holder shown below.  Napkins sure come in handy after you’ve just devoured a delicious pie.  Too bad I’m gluten intolerant.


20121022 Napkin holder dispenser face 225x300 3.1415926535...

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Life on Mars

20120815 Bottelinos Restaurant Bedminster Face 150x150 Life on MarsThis picture was sent in by Jen.  It’s a picture of the same building that the man took that started this whole face hunting malarkey.  You get bonus points if you independently spot the same objects as the man.

This picture is actually better than the man’s; the phone (camera) he had at the time was shite.  Back in the day…  Interesting how time marches on.  Did you watch the Olympics?  When it started I really couldn’t give a shit but I kind of got into it.  Now the games are over and I am looking forward to the Paralympics.  But what happens next?  We borrowed a c*ntload of money to fund a large 7-year (construction) project and soon the party will be over and forgotten.  What will be the next big thing?  What are we going to do in the next 7 years?  Maybe they will find life on Mars… (We Vaxians found life on Mars centuries ago…)

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