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A Letter to Pizza Hut

20130527 Sundae ice cream face 150x150 A Letter to Pizza Hut

Jen was out with Aaron and her 8-year-old nephew Josh, who spotted a face in an ice cream sundae on a menu at a well-known pizza chain… okay, it was Pizza Hut.  (Dear Pizza Hut, you now owe us a lot of money for free advertising.  Regards, Vic.)   Josh wrote in and said:

“Hello I saw an ice cream face in Pizza Hut and it tastes nice. I am with auntie Jennie and Aaron because we just watched Epic at the cinema.   I hope you like the face.


Joshua, that’s a great spot!  You are our youngest spotter to date.  Keep them coming. 🙂

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Another dimension

20101014 Oce Scanner Console 300x225 Another dimensionForget looking at things from different angles (A Different Perspective and Part 2), the new perspective is 3D, apparently. This seems to be all the rage at the cinema these days. The only film I have seen in 3D so far is Clash of the Titans. I can’t remember the story. I have an appalling memory for films and film “stars” and have been told by someone I know that I am the least star-struck person they have ever met. I always proudly tell everyone I didn’t recognise Tom Cruise in Lions for Lambs. This cheeky little chap reminds me of Pinocchio. It is the scanner console at work. Just watch out that he doesn’t tell lies when you’re operating it, or he’ll poke your eye out!

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