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Basket Case

20110418 Grumpy picnic basket 150x150 Basket Case

It’s always great when readers submit pictures.  It’s even better when they write a little bit as well!

Martin from London sent in this picture of the picnic hamper in the kitchen in the house he shares with his partner.  He writes:

 The picnic hamper has a melancholy back story. I think the basis of his saddened demeanour possibly lies in his whole existence.  Initially created lovingly by a wickersmith for the purpose of containment of food and drink, the basket then fell on hard times.  He was disappointed to be purchased not by a potential loving owner. But by means of a gift.  So from day one he was on the back foot. Intended to be trafficked.  He was force fed jars of pickles and fruit based conserves as well as demoralizing packets of dates.  Eventually he was handed over to the current owners after a harrowing coloured paper ordeal.  Due to the inclemency of weather at the time of the transaction, he was stowed on top of a sweaty kitchen working area, only to hear and see other joyous food implements being plucked and used daily.  He remains there to this day – a victim of the British climate and un-loving owners.

Profound words and I’m not sure where to go from here…  Perhaps some light-hearted drivel to lighten the sombre tone…  I call it bantertainment.

What’s a basket?

Think of a basket, any basket.  What did you see?  What was it made of?  What shape and size was it?  Baskets come in a variety of “flavours”, so much so, the types I’m thinking of have little in common.  A moulded plastic shopping basket has only its function and size in common with its steel cousin.  A wicker picnic basket has neither material, nor size or shape in common with plastic or metal shopping basket.  The only common theme seems to be that they are containers used to convey items.  But a bucket can be used to carry objects around but it isn’t a basket…


Basketball is an interesting sport.  I know very little about it but when I was at school the kids seemed to be fascinated with cards depicting basketball players; I never understood them myself.  The kids would spend a lot of money on a packet of random cards and swap them with the aim of obtaining a complete set.  I seem to recall some cards being inscribed with silver and golden autographs, which made them more desirable.  Some kids were so hell bent on completing their collection that they ordered missing cards directly from the manufacturer.  The difference between these cards and the ones bought in packets of random cards from the shop seemed to be that the autographs on the ones bought from the shop were more refined… or something.  But I digress.

Say the word basket to yourself five times.  Now, what do you play basketball with?  Of course, correct answers are: a ball, people, a team and so on.  If you said basket, that’s doubly wrong.  It has always intrigued me that basketball uses nets as “basketball hoops”, yet in netball baskets are used. [shrugs]  Also, I’ve never understood the difference between netball and korfball.  That’s one for Wikipedia later.

Conclusion?  No, still confusion…

So what have I learnt?  Not much!  I’ve learnt that baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and that buckets are definitely not baskets.  There are many other things that aren’t baskets.  Chairs aren’t baskets and neither or iPads.  Tables aren’t baskets.  Plants aren’t baskets.  Pint glasses aren’t baskets… and so on.

In the words of Jerry Springer, “Take care of yourself and your picnic basket.”

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