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Vehicle Face

20120917 Little Vehicle Face 150x150 Vehicle FaceJennie sent me an email saying that one of her friends had seen her mention my website (and me, Vic) on Facebook.  Jen writes:

“Vic. This was spotted by a friend: Gary, who is not one of your Facebook friends but obviously hears me talking about you and iseefaces, as out of the blue he sent me this photo.

Make of it what you will.”

I think it’s great! It’s a little vehicle of some description – maybe a forklift truck or something you might find on a construction site.  The man would know; he’s a Structural Engineer.  Thanks very much Jen.  You are now our unofficial London correspondent!

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Reader Submission: Simon

Australian Plug Socket 150x150 Reader Submission: SimonSimon sent in this picture all the way from Australia!  The description given was “Australian Plug Socket” and it was found in a site hut on a construction site in Tin Can Bay.  Simon says, “I have 5 of these bad boys staring at me in my little hut.”  Did you ever play Simon Says when you were younger?  Perhaps you still do!  Well, if Simon says so, it must be true!  Them’s the rules…  I only just realised that rhymes.  See, ladies and gentlemen: poetry as well as faces.  😉  This face has a very light circle around the “mouth”, giving the impression of a Homer Simpson-style beard.  Cheers Simon!

Very nice to get some interaction with fellow Netizens.  Keep those pictures coming! 🙂

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20101030 Abstract Building Catenary 225x300 Hyperbole?I was walking through Castle Park in Bristol City Centre the other day and looked at the Finzels Reach development, which they seem to have been building forever. As a Structural Engineer I do take an interest in buildings, particularly in their unfinished state and took a moment to look at the temporary works keeping up the existing facade. I spotted the adjacent building and noticed a smiling face formed by two windows making eyes, with a cable forming a smiling mouth. I do like a hyperbolic cosine… Geek? No, chic!

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