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Cute and delicious

20130908 Door Parrot Face 150x150 Cute and deliciousAnimals are interesting in that they are both cute and delicious.  As a Vaxian I don’t care too much where my food has come from; I crash landed on a strange blue planet and I had to survive, so I made myself eat whatever I could find on the floor… or in the man’s fridge.    Edwin sent in this picture of a door parrot.  It’s interesting how animals manifest themselves in the home, in places you’d least expect.  Finding mice, cockroaches or silverfish is quite common but random parrots?  Maybe on board a pirate ship…  I had a Varrot on board my space ship; it’s like a Vaxian parrot.  I taught him Vaxian swear words.  It has to be done, otherwise you might as well keep a chicken!

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Does Marzipan Count Towards Your Five a Day?

20130107 Marzipan Fruit Face 150x150 Does Marzipan Count Towards Your Five a Day?Hello!  Happy new year to you!  Is it too late to wish you a happy new year?  It’s certainly too late to ask you if it’s too late to do so, as I’ve already done it.  Confused?  Yeah, me too.  My little plastic brain hurts.

So, this website’s best friend Jen sent in another picture. It’s a box of fruity marzipan she got from her sister Sal.  Whilst it looks delicious, it certainly doesn’t count towards your five a day… in terms of fruit and vegetables at least.  On my planet the Vaxian government’s advice is to suck up 5 portions of sugar a day.  At least that’s what it was when I left my home planet and before I crash landed on your blue sphere.  I bet it’s all changed now…  Remember to brush your teeth, kids.  I’m lucky I don’t have teeth.  They got knocked out of my mouth when I crashed…  Right, I’m going to go back to doing nothing now.  Byeee!


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Big Eyes

20120815 Chacewater Building Face 150x150 Big EyesThis picture was sent in by Jennifer.  It was taken at Chacewater.  I love big eyes. Maybe it’s because of the innocence and vulnerability they convey; babies and young animals have big eyes compared to their heads and the rest of their body.  Or maybe it’s because I have massive eyes myself: big black eyes, complementing my red skin tone.  Like me, this face has its mouth wide open.  You know what?  I think it could be my grandfather, fossilised – turned to stone.  He went on a cruise around the Universe and never came back.  Maybe he crash landed on your planet…

Did you hear about the rover that Nasa sent to Mars?  I think it’s called “Curiosity”.  You humans are so primitive, it’s a joke!  Sky Crane?  How about an anti-gravity field?  Anyway, that’s enough from me…  Thanks Jen!

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Déjà-vu? Look again…

20110123 Cool Smoking Dude 150x150 Déjà vu? Look again...It’s been a week since I last posted on here, but fear not: I am still here and there are plenty of new pictures waiting to be uploaded. As you can see I have been busy updating the site, creating a new look front page, which is more eye-catching now. Déjà vu? Seen it already? Look again… The eagle-eyed would have noticed the new feature as well: Lolphaces. To be fair, you couldn’t miss it, as there is a massive Foxtrot Oscar banner on the front page as well! A Twitter feed has been added to the bottom of the page and if you want more regular updates about this site, do join the conversation!

On the subject of déjà vus, this latest face was spotted whilst out for some drinks with a few friends about a week ago. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a cigarette bin I spotted previously and wrote about in “Smoking: a cool image?” but it is a slightly different model with rounded corners. It is probably a health & safety version for busy town centres, to prevent drunken revellers from accidentally poking their eyes out on sharp corners when they crash into it… or something. Still, you’d bruise yourself if did fall… and it would ‘kin hurt!

I remember the first time I had a deja vu. They are strange things. I must have been a four or five-year-old lad, sitting on the sofa at home somewhere in Leicestershire. As I was sitting there perched between my parents, watching TV I had a strange sensation that I had somehow “seen this before”, or “been here before”. At the time I tried to describe to my parents what I was feeling, but my dad didn’t understand. “Well, of course you’ve seen this before; we sit on the sofa pretty much every night,” came the response. Well, true, but that didn’t adequately address the point, which I – as a five-year-old – probably hadn’t made very well in the first place. This experience stayed with me for a long time, as it was something so bizarre that no-one had ever offered me an explanation for. It wasn’t until much later in life that I realised there was a word for what I had experienced.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I realised there was a word for what I had experienced. Sorry… déjà vu… 😉

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What’s it all for…?

20101102 Wheelie Bin Looking Pensive 300x225 Whats it all for...?I was on my lunch break and was engaged in thought, clasping my sandwich in one hand and mobile phone in the other. “I must start making my own sandwiches,” I thought. It’s amazing how a market has evolved around people being too busy (or in my case lazy… maybe) to make their own packed lunch. It’s almost like a vicious circle: we’re too busy to make lunch, therefore we buy lunch, which is more expensive. We work longer hours so we can afford to buy the sandwich, which leaves us with less time to make sandwiches… Okay, perhaps not strictly true with sandwiches, but I do think the general principle holds true – to an extent.  A friend of mine does a joke about vicious circles, which is kind of cute…

I returned to reality with a crash, as I saw what appeared to be a Gromit-like face looking back at me pensively, as if it was mocking me. It was part of the hinge mechanism of a large wheelie bin.

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