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What’s bigger: a drag or a toke?

20130217 Electronic Pipe Face 150x150 Whats bigger: a drag or a toke?A while back the man was out with some friends (I don’t believe it either; surely the tosser can’t have any friends) and Dan showed off his new toy: an electronic pipe, or e-pipe.¬† It’s just like an electronic cigarette, only it’s not made to resemble a cigarette.¬† It’s not clear who spotted the face, but let’s credit the whole group.¬† Out of curiosity. the man took a drag or a toke on the thing, the dirty bastard that he is…¬† Now that got me wondering what’s bigger: a drag or a toke?

I don’t know the answer but I sure would like to take a toke on one of those bad boys.¬† It would definitely smoke out those pesky little fungus gnats I’ve been eating a lot of lately…

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Big Eyes

20120815 Chacewater Building Face 150x150 Big EyesThis picture was sent in by Jennifer.¬† It was taken at Chacewater.¬† I love big eyes. Maybe it’s because of the innocence and vulnerability¬†they convey; babies and young animals have big eyes compared to their heads and the rest of their body.¬† Or maybe it’s because I have massive eyes myself: big black eyes, complementing my red skin tone.¬† Like me, this¬†face has its mouth wide open.¬† You know what?¬† I think¬†it could be my grandfather, fossilised – turned to stone.¬† He went on a cruise around the Universe and never came back.¬† Maybe he crash landed on your planet…

Did you hear about the rover that Nasa sent to Mars?¬† I think it’s called “Curiosity”.¬† You humans are so primitive, it’s a joke!¬† Sky Crane?¬† How about an anti-gravity field?¬† Anyway, that’s enough from me…¬† Thanks Jen!

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