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Gonzo the great recycling lorry…

20101105 Recresco Recycling Lorry 300x225 Gonzo the great recycling lorry...Recycling has to be a good thing, because it generates faces! I was on my way to Newcastle for a stag do and came across this rather curious lorry. It has two recycling logos on the back and some sort of spout, rather like an elephant’s trunk. It reminded me of Gonzo the Great. I have to stress, I was not driving at the time! Does anyone have any idea what the spout on the back of the lorry is for? It’s a Recresco lorry, but I had never seen such a thing before.

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A Different Perspective

20101010 Front Door Lock 2 300x225 A Different PerspectiveHaving blogged about the front door lock in Born to be grumpy I noticed the other half of the lock on the door jamb. Well, it’s a just a bit of metal with a “sticky-out” bit and a couple of holes – so what? Then I rotated my head (or rather, mentally rotated the image) by 90 degrees and found what appeared to be a builder wearing a hard hat. It’s funny how your perception of things can be very different from one moment to the next. It kind of reminds me of the Young Girl/Old Woman optical illusion: Look at it from a slightly different perspective and suddenly you see the face. Can you spot the elephant in the photograph? No, nor me! There probably isn’t one.

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