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Lock Face

20130629 Lock Face 150x150 Lock FaceHello all! Apologies for the  lack of updates; the man had some IT issues and his laptop hasn’t been working properly for a while, meaning I couldn’t edit submitted photographs.  Anyway, we’re back in business and here is a picture sent in by the Nicotra family.  There was no accompanying email but there appears to be a cylinder lock with a couple of screws.  Is it a door lock?  Is it something else??  Who knows… but it’s mouth is slightly open and its lower jaw detached from its face like a Canadian in South Park. 🙂  And he has a bit of a Redneck tooth going on.

Thanks very much for your submission! 🙂

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Lunar Eclipse

20130525 Hand towel dispenser face 150x150 Lunar EclipseHello all, I got a very nice email from a friendly chap called Bryan from Watford.  He spotted this face somewhere and wrote:

“Here is a picture of a hand towel dispenser which looks like a face. It reminds me of Stoppit and Tidyup, a daft cartoon from the 80s.

Please post it on your site, or my lifes work will have been for nothing, and I’ll be forced to go and live on the moon.”

Apparently there’s supposed to be a lunar eclipse today… or maybe yesterday.  Either way, that’s when the moon turns red.  Human scientists will tell you it’s to do with planet Earth casting a shadow over the Moon but we Vaxians can confirm that the moon actually turns red due to a Vaxian convention taking place.  We love red.  We are red.  We hate Hoovers and Dysonoids.  Thanks Bryan!!!

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20121022 Pie face 150x150 3.1415926535...Our honorary London correspondent, Jen, sent in this photograph of a pie she (presumably) had for dinner.  She writes, “This one’s innards consists of mince beef and onion – courtesy of Asda! :-)”.  Her email had the number pi as the subject, which I thought was very clever for a human.  The only problem is that pi is wrong.  The more logically consistent circle constant is tau and it results in cleaner formulae.  We Vaxians have known about this for (Vaxian) centuries and you humans have only just cottoned on to the idea.  Again, we laugh at your primitive intellect – not too hard though, because we have a tendency to expel clouds of dust… anyway…  Jen sent in another picture of a napkin holder shown below.  Napkins sure come in handy after you’ve just devoured a delicious pie.  Too bad I’m gluten intolerant.


20121022 Napkin holder dispenser face 225x300 3.1415926535...

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Vehicle Face

20120917 Little Vehicle Face 150x150 Vehicle FaceJennie sent me an email saying that one of her friends had seen her mention my website (and me, Vic) on Facebook.  Jen writes:

“Vic. This was spotted by a friend: Gary, who is not one of your Facebook friends but obviously hears me talking about you and iseefaces, as out of the blue he sent me this photo.

Make of it what you will.”

I think it’s great! It’s a little vehicle of some description – maybe a forklift truck or something you might find on a construction site.  The man would know; he’s a Structural Engineer.  Thanks very much Jen.  You are now our unofficial London correspondent!

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Cockney Girls Like Jug-‘Eds

20120621 Jug Head 150x150 Cockney Girls Like Jug Eds

That’s as much a statement of fact as when I said Essex girls like bags!  Okay, so generalisations aren’t all true but they make good post titles à la Daily Mail [Cue: rightist pun-riddled nonsense].

Anyway, back to the picture… Cockney sisters Jen and Sal sent in yet another awesome picture.  The covering email read as follows:

“This Fathers’ Day jug-‘ed was seen at a restaurant in the heart of the East End -Stratford, home to the Olympics, to be precise.

Jug-‘ed was like the cat that got the cream until we poured his innards out all over our chocolate fudge cakes.

And bloody lovely it tasted too.”

I bet it did! I’m hungry!

Thanks Cockney girls!

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Where’s Wally?

On Tuesday a fine human female – or so I understand; humans disgust me (especially the editor) – called Emily sent me an email with a couple of photographs attached.  Emily (the Vaxian equivalent of which is Q’ahmahx) is a Bristol-based food blogger and runs the very successful Bristol Bites website.  As I understand it, Em was out hunting wild boar, catching salmon and gathering pots of Onken yoghurt in the Yeo Valley earlier in the week (okay, that’s all lies apart from the Yeo Valley bit) and somehow ended up with the mahusive bowl of salad shown below.

 20120531 Salad Bowl 1024x682 Wheres Wally?

In her email she challenged me to spend some time looking at the photograph to see whether I could spot the face – a bit like Where’s Wally? (or Where’s Waldo? if you’re American or Canadian) or the alternative popular book Where’s Bin Laden?  The latter comes with a very cool Fresnel magnifying glass.

Despite clear instructions in the email, the editor failed (EPIC FAIL!) and scrolled straight down to the second photograph revealing the answer.  It’s a bit like when you tell someone, “Don’t look at that man over there with the big nose and orange toupée …”  In the editor’s defence the answer was kind of given away in the instructions.  But the editor is still a tosser.  Where’s Wally?  There’s the wally…

So, take a couple of minutes and see if you can spot the face.  Then scroll down.  I’ll go and raid the editor’s fridge whilst you do that.  If you stare long enough you’ll see it in 3D…

…not really…

Ready? Now scroll down for the reveal.





[keep scrolling]





…and here it is. Très cool, n’est-ce pas?  [Cue: Ja, for shure!].  Many thanks Emilyna! 😉

20120531 Tomato face Wheres Wally?

Have you seen a face anywhere?  Send it to me or the editor.  Don’t forget to follow the editor on Twitter. Alternatively you can add me, Vic Suckerbag, as a friend on Facebook




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Welcome aboard the train of thought

20110210 Unhappy Refuse Compactor 150x150 Welcome aboard the train of thoughtIt’s been a fairly long time since I last posted.  Apologies, I’ve been very busy at work and in my private life.  Busy is always a poor excuse people use when they can’t be bothered and I have to confess that I am guilty of it myself from time to time, though not on this occasion.  Have I really been too busy to post an update?  Have I really been too busy to reply to that email that I flagged last week?  Was she really too busy to reply to my text back in November?

When it comes to writing, emailing and texting I have different philosophies.  To me a text is an instantaneous thing: if I wanted a reply in three days I would have sent a letter.  Email is slightly less urgent, unless I am at work, where I am running projects worth several million pounds and if I don’t reply, no-one else will.  With social catch-up emails from friends my philosophy tends to be that I like to write something meaningful.  I might take a few days to reply, but it is not that I have been too busy – merely that I have been too busy to write something meaningful.  No-one is too busy to spare two minutes.  With report writing and blog posts I find I have to be “in the zone”, so to speak.  If you read my posts, they tend to be like word association: it is a simple photograph that sets the metaphorical train of thought in motion and I rarely know where I am going to end up and when.  A bit like real trains in this country then! :p  The point is, I can’t just knock something out in two minutes…

Enough waffle (mmm waffles…), what do you see?  I see a refuse compactor that I photographed at an undisclosed location the other day.  Look closely and it is unhappy about something.  Maybe the weight of the world has got her down. (Yes, I thought I’d arbitrarily assign a female gender to this face – equal opportunities and all that!)  Maybe she’s waiting for a text message that will never come…  Ha!  Maybe her head is so full of rubbish – junk thoughts – that she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going.  I can tell you now she’ll be moving somewhere else soon! 😉

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