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Taking the carpet for a test drive

20110103 Chandelier 300x225 Taking the carpet for a test driveI was at my friend’s house on New Year’s Eve and as bedtime approached (and passed) I started feeling a little tired.  Since it was a sleepover, I decided to try out the living room carpet for comfort – like a test drive.  As I lay there I noticed how the chandelier cast a shadow on the ceiling.  It looked a bit like an evil overlord.  What it reminded me of was a series of Photoshopped self-perception/self-image pictures I once found on the internet.  I can’t find the link but this is the kind of thing I’m talking about.  If you Google it, there are some really profound images around.  A particular favourite of mine was an image of a small bird looking at its own reflection in the water and seeing an eagle.

Back to the chandelier, there is this delightful contrast between the light and dark – chandelier and shadow – and the evil face in the shadow seems fitting with the image associated with darkness in our culture.  The question then: Is the chandelier’s shadow betraying its true nature?  Or is it the opposite?  Or maybe it’s just a luminaire.  I decided I didn’t like the carpet and slept somewhere else…

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A cross between an armchair and a moped…

20101020 Nissan Freelander Psychopathic Killer Robot 300x225 A cross between an armchair and a moped...These days I tend to drive a lot of hire cars, so much that the staff of all three branches of the hire car company that I frequent seem to recognise me. It always tends to be pot luck as to what vehicle I get and I have driven anything from as small as a Toyota Aygo (a delightful cross between an armchair and a moped) to a Seat Alhambra. The other day I got a Nissan Freelander. It was absolutely mohusive and reminded me of The Simpsons episode Screaming Yellow Honkers where Homer buys a Canyonero F series. I made sure there was no lipstick holder before I set off. Top tip that. What I did find was a built-in satnav and a little cubby hole by the courtesy lamp, which reminded me of Transformers or psychopathic killer robots when opened – especially with both lights on.

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