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You would cry too…

20110227 Sad fax machine face 150x150 You would cry too...Remember when fax machines were all the rage?  My dad used to run his own business, so we always had a fax machine in the house.  It was pretty annoying because we didn’t have a separate number for it.  From time to time this meant that on answering the phone you would be greeted with a loud high pitch squeal and if that hadn’t blown your head off you’d put the receiver down and the fax machine would start to spit out reams of paper.  Not just any paper, either –  it was that special thermal paper on a roll with a glossy surface that you couldn’t write on.  It also wasn’t permanent, as it faded like buggery – especially in the sun, or if you put sticky tape over it, for some reason.  Anyone care to enlighten me as to why and what chemical reaction causes that?

With the advent of email (and I can remember a world in which email wasn’t mainstream technology) the fax machine has, to some extent, become obsolete.  Of course, the problem of squealing down the phone line persisted at first, with dial-up internet being the norm.  Email isn’t perfect though, yet we are so dependent on it at work.  Last week our email server was down for two days, which meant I couldn’t do the job I had planned to do.  The fax machine only ever seems to get used when email is down.  It is very much a second choice medium and this particular machine seems to know it.  I think it knows its days are numbered and it feels neglected.  It feels lonely and sad.  [Cue: Music] You would cry too if it happened to you…

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What’s it all for…?

20101102 Wheelie Bin Looking Pensive 300x225 Whats it all for...?I was on my lunch break and was engaged in thought, clasping my sandwich in one hand and mobile phone in the other. “I must start making my own sandwiches,” I thought. It’s amazing how a market has evolved around people being too busy (or in my case lazy… maybe) to make their own packed lunch. It’s almost like a vicious circle: we’re too busy to make lunch, therefore we buy lunch, which is more expensive. We work longer hours so we can afford to buy the sandwich, which leaves us with less time to make sandwiches… Okay, perhaps not strictly true with sandwiches, but I do think the general principle holds true – to an extent.  A friend of mine does a joke about vicious circles, which is kind of cute…

I returned to reality with a crash, as I saw what appeared to be a Gromit-like face looking back at me pensively, as if it was mocking me. It was part of the hinge mechanism of a large wheelie bin.

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