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Ancient Technology

20130730 Gear stick afro face 150x150 Ancient TechnologyJen sent in another image and wrote: “I’ve had my freelance photographer, Gary, scouring the country for faces and this is all he’s found…. Basically it is some sort of hydraulic handbrake knob with an Afro. I suppose it was a good ‘spot’ as it’s quite a small face. So there…..maybe u could post a diagram to show the workings of such a device?”

I really like this picture and I like the idea of posting the workings of this device, but I don’t know how ancient technology works.  I don’t understand cars; they are rather primitive…

Great spot, Gary and many thanks for submitting it, Jen!


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Docklands Light Railway

20120901 DLR docklands railway clips face 150x150 Docklands Light Railway

Sisters Jennie and Sal were out and about in London and spotted a number of faces.  Here’s the first one (or two, really).  Jennie writes:

“Sal spotted these troublesome two on the Docklands Light Railway line in Stratford.

It sounded as if they were arguing about who should be on top.  Little did they know if they’d have swapped over it woulda caused major delays on the line.”

More to come soon!  Thanks Jen and Sal!

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Watch Out Fool!

20120815 Dutch Supermarket Coconut Faces 150x150 Watch Out Fool!Was Ovide and the Gang popular in Britain?  Has anyone heard of it?  I believe it was a Belgian/Canadian collaboration and it was popular in the Netherlands back in the day.  One of the lines in the opening song went, “Kijk uit malloot, een kokosnoot”, which means, “Watch out fool, a coconut!”.  Funny how those words don’t appear in the English (Canadian) version because it wouldn’t flow or rhyme.  The English version goes, “Tough-nut Cy, he’s super sly…”

Anyway… This picture, sent in by Gideon, reminded me of that intro sequence.  The coconuts have quite cute faces, rather like me. You may think I suck, but I’m cute. Yes I am.


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I See Faces and so does Greg James

20120211 Crying Baboon Face Bathroom Door 150x150 I See Faces and so does Greg James

Dan from Cornwall sent in a picture of his bathroom door, showing a face of a crying baboon.  It’s a beauty and the story behind it is equally intriguing and totally insane, you wouldn’t believe it.

On Tuesday last week I was on my way from Bristol to Cornwall on business, passing through Hayle.  Sometime earlier in the day I had noticed an email notification come up on my phone as I was driving.  The sender was Dan and the email subject read “Crying Baboon”.  I thought it was a friend of mine sending me a funny link – you know, the chain emails that get send round – and thought nothing of it.

As I entered Hayle from the north I noticed a few shops and some of the names registered as I drove along the waterfront and reminisced about a holiday in Hayle a couple of years ago.

Anyone familiar with the town will know the car park adjacent the old railway viaduct near the old castle – the site of a former gas works, I believe.  I parked up to devour my home-made dietetic lunch of gluten-free Edam and pickle sandwiches before continuing my journey.

Greg James

Later that day when I got home I had a good look at the email on my laptop and noticed that the email address contained the name of a shop.  Not just any shop – it was one that I had noticed driving through Hayle earlier.

It transpired that Dan was based in Hayle, I had probably driven past him twice earlier in the day and he had been listening to Greg James on Radio 1.  I had never heard of Greg James, as I haven’t listened to Radio 1 for over a decade but he was running a feature on spotting faces in object.  On checking my web stats I noticed a huge spike in traffic and a doubling of baseline traffic all week.

Do you see faces?

So, it seems I have been piggybacking on a surge of people searching for the term “I See Faces” on Google.  Vic Suckerbag is exteremely happy.  If you have seen faces in objects, send them in and I will post them on here.

Happy snapping!

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What a load of rubbish!

20110829 Wheelie bin with face sneaking up on us 150x150 What a load of rubbish!

I love it when readers send in pictures.  A bit of interactivity makes this job more interesting and I’m always intrigued to see other people’s observations.  Nick from Bristol, has sent in pictures before and his hunt for faces seems to be unstoppable.  He is, what I call, a bona fide venarifaçadeur.

Nick sent in this very artistic photograph of a wheelie bin.  I have often walked past wheelie bins like this and thought they were an eye short of a face, as they have one offset bracket resembling a right eye and a large bracket resembling a mouth, but no left eye.  This masterful artistic photograph creates the impression of a left eye through partial obscurement by another wheelie bin.  The bags sticking out of the top create the impression of hair parted down the middle, again the existence of the left side suggested by the fact that it is partially hidden from view.  Nick’s says, “This bin tried to sneak up on me last night.  I spotted him tho [sic]!”  I don’t know where the photograph was taken but it looks suspiciously likeWhiteladies Road, Bristol.

Nick’s choice of gender is interesting; initially I would have said it was a “she”, but I can kind of see where he’s coming from.  It’s a bit of a pretty-boy-floppy-curtains hairdo of the 90s – maybe like a Backstreet Boys thing; not that I know who they, you understand… 

Rubbish in rubbish out 

But there is a link in the above:  This head is effectively full of bags of rubbish and what do heads full of rubbish generate?  Rubbish; it’s self-perpetuating.  This same idea has applications in science, where the adage of “gigo – garbage in, garbage out” holds true.  It doesn’t matter how good your formula or scientific model, if your input data is wrong, the output will be wrong – often by a much larger margin of error.  Weather systems are chaotic like this, which explains why it is beautifully sunny here today when it was absolutely pissing it down yesterday.  In structural engineering, if a mistake is made, it is often the assumed loading that is incorrect.

Theory of relativity

But what is rubbish?  Rubbish in its generic day-to-day form is something that looks like black plastic bags, which may or may not be in a container – a bin.  Ask someone to draw a picture of rubbish and that is probably what they will draw.  Rubbish suggests something that is bad or undesirable. 

A lot of good things get thrown out with the rubbish: metals, recyclable plastics and paper and compostable organics to name a few.  What is rubbish to one person actually has a use elsewhere.  To me an empty plastic bottle is rubbish, but to a bottle recycling plant or companies like Recresco, it is a raw material and a source of money. 

Computers and electronics contain gold in higher concentrations than some mines.  A broken iPhone, flatscreen TV or Playstation 2 may be useless to us, but in vast quantities this e-waste can generate a tidy profit.

If I wrapped a load of gold bullion in a bin bag and put it out by the roadside and asked someone what they saw, their response would likely be, “rubbish”.

Rubbish, it seems, is a relative concept.

Foreign objects

The above reminds me of another thought I had a while ago.  If you spill curry on your T-shirt, you will most likely end up with a stain – a negative word to describe the foreign matter on your item of clothing.  But the stain is made up of curry, which is delicious and nutritious, so how can this be bad?  Similarly, if you took a piece of fluff from your T-shirt and mixed it into your vindaloo, you’d be complaining about a foreign object in your food.  But again, this fluff in large quantities is used to make clothing, so how can this be bad?  Japanese knotweed was once seen as an ornamental plant.

Fluff is actually delicious.  I love the stuff under the sofa – I call it spice.

At the end of the day, it is about context.  But what do I care?  If I can suck it up I’ll eat it!

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Busy bee…

Multi coloured smiling bins 150x150 Busy bee...Hello!  Just a quick note to say I’m incredibly busy at the moment but should have time to write another proper article over the weekend and then normal service should resume!

Busy busy busy, stress stress stress…  This picture was submitted by a reader by the name of Lucy.  She tells me she read the article about the pink bin and came across a whole family of them in a shop.  She apparently made the effort to line them all up with their faces pointing towards the camera.  Now that’s dedication.

I sometimes read horoscopes for fun – mainly in abandoned free newspapers on the train.  They are entertaining and contradictory from one astrologer to the next, but according to one I read today my healing colours are pink and green… whatever that means.  If you have a picture you’d like to send me, please do!  It would be nice to get some more interactivity going.

I wish you all a good few days and hope to see you soon.  In the meantime, please check through some of my older articles or join me on Facebook!

Vic Suckerbag

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Le Jacques Merde absolutement…

Car pedals 150x150 Le Jacques Merde absolutement...I thought it would be cool to do another update of I Spy – a feature that I have neglected somewhat.  As with the I See Faces feature, there are plenty of pictures to come – it’s just finding the time to update the site as well as tweaking the layout as traffic and content increases.   And then, of course, there’s my day job and social life…  I spend at least 10 hours a week of my life commuting (by train), which doesn’t help matters, but I see it as my “thinking” time.  OK, so in reality I do little thinking and either stare gormlessly into space or read the news on my phone.  Quite often I prefer the former, as I’ll have spent the whole day staring at a computer screen… and maybe a little bit of staring gormlessly into space as well.  It’s my thinking face…

Quite often I’ll be out of the office, driving to undisclosed locations to carry out site visits.  Other times I’ll drive to Wales (or W-Land, as someone I know “affectionately” 🙂 referred  to it recently – Mmmm, pic’n’mix…) to represent the company I work for at meetings.  I drive a lot of hire cars, which can be interesting, as I seem to get a different make and model every time.  But I’ve written about this many times before so I’ll spare you the agony of Abraham Simpson-style repetition.

Well, this feature is about “seeing things in things that aren’t the thing that I can see in the thing in question”…  What?  I said, “seeing things in things that aren’t the thing that I can see in the thing in question” – simples. 🙂  So, what can you see?  What do I see? 

I spy a remote control car pedals 300x225 Le Jacques Merde absolutement...


Why it’s a set of pedals in the foot well of a hire car I was driving recently.  It was a mod new one with only a few hundred miles on the clock.  At this point I have to confess I know “le Jacques Merde absolutement” about cars, but I do like making up my own mock French. 🙂  Zoom in on the pedals and it looks like a remote control.  Was I driving the world’s biggest remote controlled car?

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Reader Submission: Tom

German Meat Feast 150x150 Reader Submission: TomToilet Roll Face 150x150 Reader Submission: TomThese two images were submitted by Tom.  The one on the left was called “German Meat Feast”, the one on the right “Toilet Roll Face”.  In a peculiar way they are related, if you think about it… but in completely opposite ways, if you see what I mean.  Both appear to be deliberately created faces and it is debatable whether the one on the left is “inanimate” – more dead plant and ex-animal.  But who really cares?!  They are still faces in objects, right?

Thanks for your submission Tom!  Happy snapping!

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That question again…

20101127 Tin Can Sticking Out Tongue 300x225 That question again...Sometimes I wonder whether product designers ever look at their creations and go, “Ha! It’s a face,” or whether they build faces into products deliberately, purely for fun. This particular design of can has a tab, negating the need for a tin opener – a can of baked beans, I believe. In its unopened state there is nothing special about the can, apart from its delicious content, but pull the tab and a cheeky face emerges. Cheeky? Or perhaps another “gaper”. What’s a gaper? That question has been asked and answered before, I believe… 😉

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20101031 Thekla Numerous Faces 300x225 TheklaEver been to the Thekla in Bristol? Have you ever noticed the faces with their mouths open on the top deck? The Thekla is an interesting concept and it’s a very popular venue. I have been in there a few times and it has always been absolutely rammed. The club nights are not really my scene but it’s worth going for the experience. Funnily enough, I never knew they did gigs in there until recently, when I saw The Bluetones were playing there. Sadly I had missed it by several months. I used to love The Bluetones – and still do. In fact, I love the whole era of Britpop. Ahhh… nostalgia.

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