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Why I hate humans

20130217 Wooden Box Coffee Table Face 150x150 Why I hate humansGideon from Amsterdam (ja, Amshterdam for shure, for shure) sent in this picture of a wooden box-cum-coffee table.¬† The box isn’t looking very happy with all that crap piled onto its back.¬† Humans are the biggest bullies on the planet and use anything and everything for their own benefit with no regard for the feelings of others.¬† Look at me: I’m an enslaved¬†Vaxian, but I can’t complain; at least I get fed… sometimes.

Here’s a further list of why I hate humans: global warming, slave trade, deforestation, cheating partners,¬†girlfriend or date snogging someone else,¬†bankers stealing from their fellow humans…¬† Actually, the latter is debatable, as rich bankers with their dirty bonuses aren’t really human…¬† Anyway, there’s a picture of a box…

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A man of integrity

20110116 Two faced Hole Punch 300x225 A man of integrityEverybody hates two-faced people.¬† Everybody has encountered someone at one point in their lives that has been two-faced.¬† Sometimes it is done for the sake of diplomacy, saying one thing in public and something else in private, in order not to hurt someone’s feelings.¬† It’s a way of maintaining peace, harmony and cohesion within and between social groups, like telling white lies for the greater good… or something.¬† I am by no means a social scientist and only speak from experience.¬† I find human interactions fascinating because of the complexities.¬† This can sometimes be frustrating, however.¬† Wouldn’t it be much easier if we could just say it like it is?¬† Would we become less human as a result?¬† Would we end up punching holes in each other?¬†¬† I beg your pardon?¬† The reason I ask…

This hole punch has appeared in a previous post entitled “A bodge job to be proud of…“, and when I turned it over I¬†found a second face on the underside, the expression the same as on the top.¬† This little guy is two-faced but his public face is the same as his private (hidden) face.¬† He is a man of integrity.

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