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The Scream

20130507 Recaro car seat scream face 150x150 The ScreamI have to confess I have sucked bags at uploading photographs lately.  The man has spent a lot of time with his girlfriend lately and also left the country for a few days to meet some family and friends in The Netherlands.  I have basically had the flat to myself a lot and have done very little.  I have raided the man’s fridge several times, watched Babestation (humans are disgusting) and generally not got round to posting pictures.  Anyway, Jennie sent in a picture ages ago, so here it is.  She wrote:

“Does this look like a face? It’s a Recaro car seat. A bit like a cream Scream mask from the film Scream!”  It’s a really good one, complete with nose and all.  Apologies for the delay Jen… I suck… bags.

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A bit of leg

20110618 Fido Dido Surfboard 150x150 A bit of leg

Procrastination is one of those things we are all guilty of from time to time.  Lately I have been pretty lazy with updates.  Perhaps not lazy, but busy and whenever I do have time I am too tired to write and keep thinking, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and then tomorrow becomes next week and so on.  I call it fatiñana syndrome.

 With writing, or anything creative for that matter, it helps if you are relaxed, so you can get your mind in the zone.  Lately, with a busy work schedule and lots of other stuff going on I have not been able to find “the zone”.  Not only that, but I have also suffered from so-called startitis, where I kept starting new articles and never finished any.  In an attempt to cure this I simply stopped writing altogether, which I suppose is akin to cutting your hand off to get rid of a blister on your finger!  I call it typograstination.  It is a specific form of procrastination related to writing.

Back in the day

I did my fair share of procrastination when I was at school.  Doing coursework was always a nightmare and I always left it till the last few days, pulling all-nighters and justifying it to myself by the fact that I work better under pressure.  This was (not scientifically) demonstrated to be true, as I found that my grades were less good when I paced myself.  I suppose it is a case of knowing your own ability and allowing just enough time to do the job but with almost zero float.  It’s a delicate balance though: leave too little time and you fail; leave too much and you become a victim of Parkinson’s Law, where the task simply expands to fill the time available and you end up spending more time on it with no reward.  I always found that no matter how early I started, there was always a manic rush at the end.  But it seemed to work out fine.


I’m not really into snooker but the Snooker World Championship always bring back memories of university, back in the day before tobacco advertising was banned – [cough cough] Embassy [cough].  That’s come and gone now – can you believe it’s June already?

Around Easter time I would be bricking it over the summer exams.  With our 35 hours of labs and lectures every week I never got much time to do private study on top of assignments and dissertations and it was always a last minute panic, trying to cram as much into my short-term memory as I could.

Whilst I haven’t had to take exams in years, on occasion I dream about having to sit an exam and being totally unprepared.  For some reason it is always a chemistry exam, which is peculiar, as I only did chemistry until the age of 16.

A surfboard and a bit of leg

I try my best to link my ramblings to the pictures, so here is a picture of a surfboard forming part of a display at a department store – possibly Debenhams.  I took it a long time ago and can’t remember where I saw it.  The face with a crooked mouth reminds me of Fido Dido – a character that was popular in the early to mid-90s when I was at school, which nicely links back to procrastination and so on, albeit tenuously.  There’s a nice but of leg there as well, which Fido Surfboard Dido seems to be staring at!

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Busy bee…

Multi coloured smiling bins 150x150 Busy bee...Hello!  Just a quick note to say I’m incredibly busy at the moment but should have time to write another proper article over the weekend and then normal service should resume!

Busy busy busy, stress stress stress…  This picture was submitted by a reader by the name of Lucy.  She tells me she read the article about the pink bin and came across a whole family of them in a shop.  She apparently made the effort to line them all up with their faces pointing towards the camera.  Now that’s dedication.

I sometimes read horoscopes for fun – mainly in abandoned free newspapers on the train.  They are entertaining and contradictory from one astrologer to the next, but according to one I read today my healing colours are pink and green… whatever that means.  If you have a picture you’d like to send me, please do!  It would be nice to get some more interactivity going.

I wish you all a good few days and hope to see you soon.  In the meantime, please check through some of my older articles or join me on Facebook!

Vic Suckerbag

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Welcome aboard the train of thought

20110210 Unhappy Refuse Compactor 150x150 Welcome aboard the train of thoughtIt’s been a fairly long time since I last posted.  Apologies, I’ve been very busy at work and in my private life.  Busy is always a poor excuse people use when they can’t be bothered and I have to confess that I am guilty of it myself from time to time, though not on this occasion.  Have I really been too busy to post an update?  Have I really been too busy to reply to that email that I flagged last week?  Was she really too busy to reply to my text back in November?

When it comes to writing, emailing and texting I have different philosophies.  To me a text is an instantaneous thing: if I wanted a reply in three days I would have sent a letter.  Email is slightly less urgent, unless I am at work, where I am running projects worth several million pounds and if I don’t reply, no-one else will.  With social catch-up emails from friends my philosophy tends to be that I like to write something meaningful.  I might take a few days to reply, but it is not that I have been too busy – merely that I have been too busy to write something meaningful.  No-one is too busy to spare two minutes.  With report writing and blog posts I find I have to be “in the zone”, so to speak.  If you read my posts, they tend to be like word association: it is a simple photograph that sets the metaphorical train of thought in motion and I rarely know where I am going to end up and when.  A bit like real trains in this country then! :p  The point is, I can’t just knock something out in two minutes…

Enough waffle (mmm waffles…), what do you see?  I see a refuse compactor that I photographed at an undisclosed location the other day.  Look closely and it is unhappy about something.  Maybe the weight of the world has got her down. (Yes, I thought I’d arbitrarily assign a female gender to this face – equal opportunities and all that!)  Maybe she’s waiting for a text message that will never come…  Ha!  Maybe her head is so full of rubbish – junk thoughts – that she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going.  I can tell you now she’ll be moving somewhere else soon! 😉

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