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Shocked Rising Bollard

20120901 Rising bollard shocked face 150x150 Shocked Rising BollardJen and Sal were walking along Birdcage Walk and saw a bollard – presumably of the “rising” variety.  Jen writes:

“Looks shocked because we’d just done a leap frog over it….. And all the girls were wearing skirts.”

I can sort of imagine because humans disgust me.  Actually, people tell me I always look shocked but I’m not, really.  That’s just my normal face when I’m relaxed, eating McCoy’s crisps and Goliath ale.  I reckon this guy could be one of my cousins; we look alike…  Thanks Jen and Sal!

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Marketing Secrets

20101008 Dyson Airblade 300x225 Marketing SecretsThat James Dyson guy is a pretty clever chap: Take a tried and tested appliance, turn it into a frog-like face with pursed lips and market it as something high-tech! Seriously though, I think these Airblades are pretty good and they look quite sexy too. Yeah, you know they do! I find they work best if you stick your hands in from the side. Stick them in from the top and you get a blast of air propelling water droplets up your sleeves. There’s nothing worse than wet sleeves. Well, there’s plenty: war, famine, poverty… But you know what I mean.

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