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Fire in its belly

20110112 Lantern Snowman1 225x300 Fire in its bellyI was at a friend’s house last weekend and spotted a little lantern on the floor, filling a void where a fireplace used to be.  It looks slightly Christmassy, which is funny, because I’m sure it’s always been there – even in the summer.  Despite this, I’ve never really paid much attention to it, as it is a pretty innocuous looking object.  As you can see it’s made out of sheet metal and has star-shaped holes punched in the top and sides, is about 15cm tall and receives tea light candles.  When viewed from above the whole assembly looks a bit like a snowman.

How come I never saw the face?  Maybe the launch of this website suddenly gave him the desire to be posted on here and be famous – a fire in its belly to be noticed.  It wasn’t lit though…

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Don’t worry. Be happy.

20101226 Vase 300x225 Dont worry.  Be happy.This is a foot stove at my parents’ house. They use it as a pedestal for a Chinese vase, which they have had for as long as I can remember. Well, not quite. It has four or five holes in the top but only the front two are visible, creating the illusion of a face with its mouth open, looking worried or unhappy. Why is it unhappy? Maybe it’s the weight of the vase pressing down on its head. In a way this is a metaphor for worrying about things that are precious to us, but in the grand scheme of things may not matter. They weigh us down and can cause mental and physical discomfort. I for one worry too much sometimes. What’s it all for? At the end of the day the vase is only worth something because we believe it. It is, after all, just a blob of ceramic. Don’t worry. Be happy. [cue: whistling]

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A Different Perspective

20101010 Front Door Lock 2 300x225 A Different PerspectiveHaving blogged about the front door lock in Born to be grumpy I noticed the other half of the lock on the door jamb. Well, it’s a just a bit of metal with a “sticky-out” bit and a couple of holes – so what? Then I rotated my head (or rather, mentally rotated the image) by 90 degrees and found what appeared to be a builder wearing a hard hat. It’s funny how your perception of things can be very different from one moment to the next. It kind of reminds me of the Young Girl/Old Woman optical illusion: Look at it from a slightly different perspective and suddenly you see the face. Can you spot the elephant in the photograph? No, nor me! There probably isn’t one.

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A bodge job to be proud of…

20101004 Office Hole Punch 300x225 A bodge job to be proud of...What’s the saying about being busy and having an untidy desk? I somehow managed to tip over my hole punch at work, exposing its rather unhappy face. This particular item has suffered a lot of abuse from me already, which might explain it. One time I accidentally dropped it on the floor and the little adjustable plastic “jig” thing that allows you to punch holes dead centre snapped off. In true engineering fashion, I got a pencil and wrapped Sellotape around one end, which I rammed into the hole in the side. I then sealed the gap with Blu-tack. Now it’s as good as new, except it can only handle A4 and landscape A3. To be honest, I only ever use it for that anyway.

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