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Kopi Luwak

20130911 Starbucks Coffee Grinder Face 150x150 Kopi LuwakJen from London sent in this image.¬† It is a photograph of a photograph.¬† Jen says, “The picture is a photo I took of a sign on the side of a¬† drive thru, yes, drive thru, Starbucks shop. At Stansted airport. Are there copyright issues here??”

Well, I’d say they are getting free advertising out of this…¬†¬†I¬†have never heard of a coffee drive thru/drive through…¬† That’s pretty lazy, yet very convenient.¬† I wonder if they sell Kopi Luwak.¬† On my home planet we have something similar called Aqh’KapoH.¬† It’s basically Vaxian¬†coffee beans eaten by blue Vaxians.¬† We superior red Vaxians hunt them down and slaughter them, grind up their bodies and make a drink out of the blue powder.¬† It’s disgusting but a lot of fun to make for all the family!

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Does Marzipan Count Towards Your Five a Day?

20130107 Marzipan Fruit Face 150x150 Does Marzipan Count Towards Your Five a Day?Hello!¬† Happy new year to you!¬† Is it too late to wish you a happy new year?¬† It’s certainly too late to ask you if it’s too late to do so, as I’ve already done it.¬† Confused?¬† Yeah, me too.¬† My little plastic brain hurts.

So, this website’s best friend Jen sent in another picture. It’s a box of fruity marzipan she got from her sister Sal.¬† Whilst it looks delicious, it certainly doesn’t count towards your five a day… in terms of fruit and vegetables at least.¬† On my planet the Vaxian government’s advice is to suck up 5 portions of sugar a day.¬† At least that’s what it was when I left my home planet and before I crash landed on your blue sphere.¬† I bet it’s all changed now…¬† Remember to brush your teeth, kids.¬† I’m lucky I don’t have teeth.¬† They got knocked out of my mouth when I crashed…¬† Right, I’m going to go back to doing nothing now.¬† Byeee!


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If you were a house…

20120717 Barcelona house face 150x150 If you were a house...Claire was in Barcelona recently and sent in a picture of a house she saw…¬†whilst in Spain.¬† Isn’t technology amazing?¬† When the man was growing up the¬†world wide web¬†was rubbish on this planet.¬† We had it a century ago on my home planet and we called it “porn”.¬† It’s funny how that word has a different meaning in English…

This picture is really cool because it makes the house look really happy.¬† If I were a house I’d be a bungalow.¬† I don’t know why… What would you be?

Thanks for the picture, Claire!

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Like a Sir

20120417 Face Like a Sir 150x150 Like a SirYou know the internet meme “like a Sir”?¬† Sam sent in this picture of some bracket holding up¬†some shit or other… like a Sir.¬† It’s pretty amazing.¬† We don’t have brackets like this on my home planet because¬†my planet’s gravitational field is weaker than that of planet Earth; things just stay up with minimal effort.

One thing that came crashing down this week¬†is Aquascutum. I’d never heard of it and actually had to do a double take.¬† I read it as “aqua-scrotum” and thought it was a disease of the testicles.¬† Every day’s a school day.


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