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Bob’s my uncle

20100926 Monkey Clips 300x225 Bobs my uncleHaving lived in my new flat for over a month without a bathroom mirror, I went into town and got myself one. I had been using a small shaving mirror, which was inadequate to be honest. This particular mirror has little eyes that you have to fix to the MDF backing with self-tapping screws. Tie a piece of string between the two and Bob’s your uncle – you have something with which to hang your mirror off a picture hook! I have an uncle Bob. His real name is actually Bob, not Robert. Anyway, I digress… I noticed that these little eyes looked a bit like monkeys – with a liberaral sprinkling of imagination. Or psychosis. You decide.

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Picture Hook

20100919 Picture Hook 300x225 Picture HookI recently moved into my new flat and in an idle moment noticed an unused picture hook staring at me. Considering it’s been hanging on the wall, presumably hidden from daylight by the previous occupants for years, it looks extremely happy. Kind of makes me wonder what its secret is. Maybe it knows something I don’t. Maybe it’s laughing at me. Maybe it’s just happy to see the light of day. Who knows. Who cares. It’s a picture hook.

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